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Features & Applications

  • Versatile tool that can be used interchangeably with either 310 ml (10 oz) cartridges or 600 ml (20 oz) barrels
  • Variable speed for precise bead control
  • Powerful tool for dispensing high-viscosity material with ease
  • Anti-drip function to minimise material waste
  • Built-in LED provides direct illumination of the work area
  • Dispensing acrylic sealants and adhesives
  • Dispensing firestop, smoke and sound sealants
  • Dispensing expansion joint sealants

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Introducing the CD 4-A22

Versatile cordless caulking dispenser

The CD 4-A22 cordless dispenser gives you power and control when dispensing sealants and adhesives

When it comes to sealants and adhesives, we know how frustrating it can be wasting time unblocking clogged nozzles, keeping the right flow and cleaning-up over spill. Our new CD 4-A22 cordless dispenser has been engineered specifically to cut these annoyances out of your day.

With 5,000 N dispensing force, this powerful and versatile dispenser gives you the control you need, minus the waste. 

Trust us, you'll love it!


Sealing expansion joints

Sealing expansion joints

Sealing against smoke

Sealing firestop penetrations

Acoustic sealing

Smoke and acoustic sealing

Easy to use with minimal material waste, the CD 4-A22 improves your productivity

High dispensing force

High dispensing force

The dispensing force of 5,000 N makes working with high viscosity material easier while also reducing strain and tension in both hands and arms, making it safer to work for longer.

Flow Control

Variable flow control

With a 6-speed dial and variable control trigger, you can manage material flow rate according to viscosity for both high volume applications and precision work.

Interchangeable carriages

Interchangeable carriages

With interchangeable carriages for dispensing 600 ml foil packs and 310 ml plastic cartridges, you can use the CD 4-A22 with a wide range of adhesives and sealants.

Material management

Material management

The combination of flow control and high dispensing force helps you use the right amount of material that you need for your application, reducing the risk of over spill and waste.


Ease of use for firestop applications

Sealing top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall is important for both firestop and architectural needs. Due to its extremely precise control, the CD 4-A22 is the ideal tool for sealing joints against fire and smoke when you need a visually attractive finish. Additional specifications – such as acoustics or joint movement – can be fulfilled with the right choice of Hilti firestop product. 

CP 606 Firestop acrylic sealant

CFS-IS Intumescent sealant

Intumescent sealant suitable for laying new cables.

  • Approvals: ETA-10/0406
  • Base materials: Concrete, Brick, Masonry, Metal, Gypsum
  • Application temperature range: 5 - 40 °C
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CFS-S SIL Firestop silicone sealant

CFS-S SIL Firestop silicone sealant

Silicone-based sealant providing maximum movement in fire-rated joints and pipe penetrations.

  • Approvals: ETA-10/0291
  • Base materials: Metal, Concrete, Glass
  • Application temperature range: 5 - 40 °C
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Hilti tool service

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