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Features & Applications

  • Upgraded ergonomics with large baseplate – this lighter and more compact D-handle jig saw improves your maneuverability, stability and cut precision
  • 850W motor – delivers the cutting power you need to slice through tougher boards and metal
  • Keyless blade change – minimise your downtime while replacing jig saw blades
  • Virtually dust-free sawing – this jig saw has a dust blower and extraction adapter, keeping your cutting line clear
  • Speed dial and adjustable pendulum stroke – the operator has precise control over how fast the orbital jig saw cuts and how clean the final result needs to be
  • Trimming or cutting wood and plasterboard to size with minimal airborne sawdust when using DRS
  • Interior finishing – especially sawing drywall or wood-based internal cladding (horizontal or vertical cuts)
  • Cutting wood board up to 150 mm thick
  • Cutting metal sheet up to 10 mm thick
  • Cutting tiles and plastic pipes

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