What makes the Hilti tool service special?

hilti tool repair service

Picture your car. Although most of us take care to have our vehicles insured, there’s always that unfortunate fact that accidents and breakdowns happen. The worst of it is, it usually happens after the warranty period ends so you can end up paying large sums of money to repair it.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for Hilti tools. We offer free repairs up to a 2-year warranty period commonly known as ‘no cost period’ where they’ll collect, repair and return the tools usually within 3 days.

Sounds good so far. But I bet you’re asking yourself, what happens when the 2 years ‘no-cost’ period comes to an end? Well, we have thought of that too.

Once the tool is out of warranty we offer the ‘3 days or free’ service which is a 3-day turnaround promise for chargeable repairs - if we fail to deliver on time, the repair charges are waived.


Hilti guarantees a 3-days repair service or the repair cost is borne by the company.

As the name suggests, if your tool breaks down, we guarantee a 3-days repair service, or the cost is borne by the company.

In fact, the tool is fixed in just 1 day and the other 2 days are for the pick-up and drop-off. Sounds easy? Well, in this period – the call is scheduled, the tool is picked up, delivered to the tool service centre and opened for analysis.

Then, after the parts are replaced or repaired, the tool is assembled, tested, re-tested, cleaned, packaged, sent out for delivery and many more similar functions… still easy? Perhaps not. However, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, which is why we believe that no one else could ever match the 3 days or free promise.


Whilst we aim to keep our tool service promise, due to the current situation we cannot guarantee our 3-day end-to-end repair turnaround. Click here for further information.

Why is this tool service so special?

Hilti takes all this stress away because we all know that time is money and that matters to all of us!

We know a tool breakdown can be stressful. Firstly, you are already frustrated because the breakdown will lead to operational downtime and delays in your project timeline. Secondly, you need to find out the details of the tools to schedule a repair.

Finally, you need to spend money not only to repair the tool but also to ship it to the manufacturer’s service centre. Hilti takes all this stress away because we all know that time is money and that matters to all of us!

what are the advantages of this service?

There are several advantages that improve productivity and profitability. To make it easier I have broken this down by time and cost.


In today’s busy mentality, we’re constantly looking for more time, meaning it’s already precious as it is. Time does not wait, and Hilti is never late, well almost! Read on….

· Maximum downtime of 3 days: Tools are one of the most important resources on a jobsite and if it’s a matter of only 3 days – there are plenty of other jobs that workers can focus on. 3 days too long? We have a a service where you get a free loan tool, so you don’t even need to wait the 3 days to get on with job in hand!

· Pick-up and drop-off: Don’t worry about having to drive around picking-up and dropping-off the tool, just call us to report a repair and they take care of the logistics as well as the costs. When you call us, we answer the call in 9 seconds (on average) and you’ll have the pleasure of chatting with a person and not a robot at the other end.

· Don’t go hunting for your Purchase Order details: Usually when a tool breaks down we need to search our emails for the purchase order for a reference number but in the case of Hilti tools, the tool’s serial number is enough information to report a repair. Also, you don’t need to register a tool to be entitled to the warranty.

No repair quotation: To generate a quotation could take many days since the tool needs to be dismantled and analysed. But in our case, we have a maximum cap on the repair cost so it can be sent to the repair centre without worrying about how much it would cost you


There are many services that are not directly visible, but they contribute significantly to your profitability. Look at how Hilti Tool Service plays an important role to your bottom line numbers.

· Manufacturing defect: It is very rare for our tools to have a manufacturing defect but if it happens – Hilti has a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

· No Cost Period’ Repair Warranty: This warranty is up to two years and is the best in class as it includes the wear and tear of the tools, batteries and chargers. This period can be extended up to 5 years.

· Repair cost limit: Once the warranty is over, we guarantee a cost limit for all future repairs which is equivalent to 40% of the price of a new tool, eliminating the high repair costs concern.

· Repair quality: Wouldn’t you have sleepless nights if you had recently paid for a tool repair and it breaks down again? If you have recently paid for a repair and the tool breaks down within 3-months after it, we offer the next repair for free.

What’s more, this service comes as standard on all our tools.

Ultimately, we care about the success of your business. Minimising the time wasted and the costs to repair tools over their lifetime are perceived as the two most important factors in tool aftersales services.