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What's New at Hilti: Introducing Nuron

Say hello to the future of cordless with the all new Hilti Nuron platform

Discover Nuron, Hilti's 22V cordless system for light to heavy-duty applications. Get ready for high levels of performance, increased safety and data-driven services - on just one platform.

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NURON SIW 4AT-22 Cordless Impact Wrench

Compact-class cordless impact wrench with the ultimate balance of power and handling.

VC 10

VC 10-22: Nuron power for real cordless dust extraction

Go hands free with our innovative VC 10-22 cordless vacuum – Hilti’s first portable and jobsite-approved vacuum that can be worn as a backpack when purchased with our brand-new backpack accessory. Not only is carrying the vacuum on your back safer, but it also leaves your hands free to carry other items – making you much more productive. You can even wear the vacuum when it’s in use, made easier by a shorter 1.9m hose that can be purchased in addition to the standard 3m hose.


DSH 600-22 Cordless Cut-Off Saw

Introducing our first fully cordless system for diamond cutting on one single platform! With the same cutting speed as a 60CC gas saw and no fuel or fuel mix to deal with, the DSH 600-22 is sure to boost jobsite productivity. It also has a fast acting blade brake to keep you safe, is virtually maintenance-free, and can be used in combination with a Hilti diamond blade to maximise battery runtime.

Worker using TE 2000-22 cordless floor breaker

TE 2000-22 cordless floor breaker

Weighing just 21.8kg, our brand-new TE 2000-22 gives you all the power of a 30kg jackhammer without the weight - meaning you won't have to compromise on power, handling or reach. By being completely independent of a power supply, you can get to work straight away - and there's no trip hazards to worry about! It also has an extremely low tool vibration for higher efficiency, as well as an unprecedented work-per-charge allowing half a ton of demolition.

Worker using TE 30-22 on jobsite

TE 30-22 Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

Our TE 30-22 rotary hammer delivers unmatched performance across trades in the most demanding applications. Not only can it drill through rebar up to 2x as fast as other SDS Plus tools, but it's also virtually dust-free when used with a Hilti dust removal system. There's an extensive range of chisels and drill bits to choose from too.

Worker using TE 60-22

TE 60-22 Cordless SDS Max Rotary Hammer

With great reach and performance, the TE 60-22 gives you the power you'd expect from a much heavier rotary hammer. Not only will you benefit from increased vibration shielding thanks to Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), you'll also be protected from tool spins with our Active Torque Control (ATC) technology.

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TE 6-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer

Our flagship rotary hammer just got even better! With 20% reduced vibration, a weight decrease of 150g and improved handgrip for better ergonomics, you'll have no trouble powering through tough jobs. Not only is it the fastest rotary hammer in the power class, but the addition of Active Torque Control (ATC) makes drilling safer by protecting you against wrist injuries.

Worker using AG 6D-22

AG 6D-22 Cordless Angle Grinder

Available in 125mm and 150mm sizes, our new cordless angle grinder boasts improved performance and game-changing health and safety features. 3D-ATC technology takes Active Torque Control to the next level, by stopping the blade if it detects the tool has left the work area unexpectedly. Brand-new SensTech also protects you from injury with its touch-activated dead-man's function, which stops the blade when you let go of the grip.

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SC 30WR-22 Cordless Circular Saw

The go-to saw for deep, straight and smooth cuts in wood! With the highest cutting depth in its class (70mm), the SC 30WR-22 allows you to cut through three 22mm wood boards in one go. A new motor plus Nuron technology gives you outstanding speed and battery life too, meaning you can get through an entire working day without recharging.

SIW 8-22 cordless impact wrench used in wood application

SIW 8-22 Cordless Impact Wrench

With a 1/2" anvil impact wrench and full hammering frequency of 2950 impacts per minute, the SIW 8-22 gives you ultimate performance in a more compact package. Not only is it 43mm shorter and 0.5kg lighter than before, it also boasts a brushless motor, 2 speed settings and a bright LED light for improved ergonomics.

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SID 6-22 Cordless Impact Driver

Our flagship 1/4" impact driver! Boasting a unique design and powerful performance, the SID 6-22 is perfect for structural trades and high-frequency applications. More light around the chuck will give you a clearer view of your work area, whilst the rapid trigger response can help you save time on every fastening. Not forgetting the new ergonomic grip that's textured and contoured for more comfortable control.

Nuron for Trades

Nuron brings these innovations to your industry

The Nuron battery system was tailored to the requirements of a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. All Hilti Nuron tools were developed so that they offer the best possible performance and safety no matter the job.

Building Construction

Nuron lets you tackle heavy-duty applications without gas or cords getting in the way. The new battery interface offers you the performance of a mains unit.

TE 2000-22 TE 60-22 DSH 600-22

Steel and Metal

With up to twice the power compared to existing cordless tools and improved ergonomics, our Nuron tools are ideal for steel and metal work.

AG 6D-22 TE 30-22 SIW 8-22

Mechanical and Electrical

With just one platform, you can operate a large number of the devices you use on a daily basis using a battery system. This reduces loading breaks and increases your productivity and flexibility on the jobsite.

TE 6-22 AG 6D-22 SID 6-22 SIW 4AT-22

Interior Finishing

Whether grinding, cutting, sawing or working overhead, the robust Nuron batteries and ergonomically improved tools protect your employees and increase working comfort.

SC 30WR-22 SID 6-22 TE 6-22


With Nuron, easy processing of steel, concrete or masonry means your employees in energy and industrial plants work safely and ergonomically - without compromising on performance.

TE 6-22 AG 6D-22 SIW 8-22


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