Where The Rubber Hits The Road

How Drill Bits Work

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This week, Andy Abernethy, a Store Representative in our Liverpool Hilti Store explains how the choice of drill bit really can save crucial time…

‘How much for that drill bit?’ Is a question I’m asked on a regular basis working in the Liverpool Hilti store. My response however is not an answer many people have heard before. And it goes a little like this…

In the UK, there’s a popular car entertainment programme which surprisingly can assist us when it comes to our drill bit choice. In one episode the hosts attempt to convert a people carrier into a sports car and achieve a specific lap time. They try numerous modifications but the one thing that made what made one of the biggest differences for the smallest amount of money wasn’t: increasing the power, lightening the vehicle, or improving the downforce or suspension, but fitting better tyres. Basically, the point of contact with the road from the tyres was crucial and it’s the same with drill bits and all power tool inserts really.

You see, buying a good drill and using the cheapest drill bits you can find is like buying a racing car and fitting it with budget road car tyres - the power will be there, but you won’t be able to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Equally, just like putting good tyres on an average car, you can increase the performance of your tools just by using high quality inserts. For example, did you know our TE-CX drill bits enable you to drill up to 30 per cent more holes per charge with a cordless tool and you can complete those holes 80 per cent faster when compared to using standard bits? That’s a huge time and effort saving and we all know the most valuable thing on a job (and indeed in life in general), is your time.

Aside from the initial time and money saving, using high quality inserts will also prolong the life of your tools:

A) Because you’re not using them for as long

B) Because you’re less likely to push the tools too hard to get the job done

This also has a knock-on effect to your health as you can decrease your exposure to potentially damaging hand arm vibration levels and excessive dust production – a ‘win-win’ situation!

At this point in my answer most people begin to understand the cost jump from standard to premium inserts, but some still doubt that the initial extra outlay is ever fully recovered in the lifetime of the insert. However, research has shown that our premium inserts not only fully recover the initial expense but actually achieve 30 to 50 per cent lower lifetime costs on average when compared to standard inserts.

So, the question I always ask is: will you invest in where the rubber hits the tarmac, or do you want to dilute the performance of your sports car and spend more than you have to with inferior inserts? Seems like a no-brainer to me but, let us know on social media!

If you’re interested in our full range of inserts take a look at our inserts page on the website...