PM 40-MG

How can we increase productivity through laser measuring?

pm 40-mg  laser

Here are Hilti we continue to deliver productivity solutions, and this week Andreas Markgraf discusses the productivity gains of using the newest laser measuring tools, especially our PM 40-MG.

smartest ROI

PM 40-MG

In my role as an Interior Finishing Trade Manager for Northern Europe, every day I come across productivity challenges among interior specialists. What I hear from them on a regular basis is that current price and cost pressures makes them very conscious of the time they have to perform the job, as well as smart allocation of money invested. In a nut shell: they need to do the job as fast as possible with the smartest return on investment. Therefore, the reliability and durability of the job-site equipment is fundamental for their business to succeed.

Based on my experience and market feedback, the PM 40-MG Multi-line laser is a perfect tool for Interior Finishing contractors as it ticks all these boxes.



With full vertical and horizontal lines, users can do all their precise levelling, aligning, squaring and plumbing jobs with just this one tool in hand. The PM 40-MG is also very useful at the initial stage of any renovation job, which starts with the as-built control whether the room angles and walls are straight. It is really easy to operate with just one one button and the bright thin green beam is very comfortable to work with as you don’t need to wear special protective glasses . With the green beam the installers can now work comfortably at an increased distance of 20 m. Want to know how that works?

At Hilti, we’re committed to developing  more durable and robust tools for our customers. PM 40-MG Multi-line laser is a great example of this. It’s resistant against any water splashes, dust and  typical everyday knocks and drops  that will always happen on job sites.       

The PM 40-MG Multi-line laser has all its lenses and the axicon mechanically fixes in a specific patented way. This means that the  PM 40-MG retains its accuracy over time, offering a multi-line laser you really can rely on.

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