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CEO Christoph Loos talks about progress achieved in strategy work and ventures an outlook on 2017

The red toolbox on the cover of the Company Report puts the strong Hilti brand center stage. What does the name Hilti stand for?

Innovativeness, differentiation and strong customer relationships. A customer opening our red toolbox expects to get more than just a high-quality tool. Something that stands out against its competitors: better performance, special design, enhanced safety, more services and supplementary software. Responding to these requirements is what makes us tick, day by day. Hilti offers strong partnership and genuine added value, an objective also embedded in our Champion 2020 corporate strategy.

Where does Hilti stand in terms of the implementation of the Champion 2020 corporate strategy?

Our corporate strategy is very well established throughout the Group in terms of mind-set, language and priorities. In 2016, we continued to implement Champion 2020 in a highly focused way. And it’s paying off: We managed to speed up sales growth considerably and outperformed many of our competitors. All members of our global team have done an excellent job in pushing ahead further with Champion 2020. It’s exactly this commitment and energy that we will need in the next few years to achieve our ambitious goals. Having said this, we cannot expect that the general market conditions for our business are likely to improve going forward. Many unsolved issues all around the world, seemingly unstoppable public debts, alarming deglobalization trends and exacerbating political tensions will impact the global economy, and with it the construction industry.

And what are Hilti’s plans for 2017?

One of the Champion 2020 goals is to outperform the market and our main competitors even in a challenging environment. We use the financial strength of our company to further expand our offering made up of first-class products, value-added services and powerful software while harnessing the potential of a host of new technologies. At the same time, we continue to grow our global sales team to be a reliable partner for an ever larger number of customers. We will proceed along these main lines of action in 2017. If the growth forecasts of 3-to-4 percent for the global construction market materialize, our growth target in local currencies will be in the ballpark of 6-to-8 percent.

In the year of its 75th anniversary, Hilti communicated to be “Ready for the Future.” What stands behind this claim?

The conviction to be well-positioned in every respect: Our business is growing steadily and sustainably, we operate on a sound financial basis, we are close to our customers and we continue to drive our innovative offering. In doing so, we never stop challenging ourselves, take corrective action, where necessary, to improve continuously and develop our company further. Our company is pervaded by vibrant energy, we have a highly motivated global team and our customer satisfaction ratings have never been higher. Thanks to all this, we are “Ready for the Future,” perfectly in keeping with the slogan of our anniversary year.

I'm the red toolbox – and the 2016 Company Report

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