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Hilti BIM Services

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a disruptive trend in todays construction market that affects the way projects are planned, measured and executed. Having a BIM offering isn’t just about having BIM Objects available to download but instead being able to collaborate with our customers in a common digital environment. 

To aid in the planning and detailing of Hilti solutions, we have launched our suite of BIM services that enable us to deliver information rich digital design solutions that are backed up by standardised documentation.


Four New BIM Services

BIM Design Framework
Design Framework

With the Design Framework, our experienced design engineers can take your two dimensional drawings or 3D BIM model and supply a set of calculations with Revit and IFC typicals and an outline BoM (Bill of Materials) for the applications that form the bulk of your package. See the Design Framework service description. *

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BIM BIM Modelling
BIM Modelling

Once the Design Framework has been delivered to you from Hilti’s Engineering Competence Centre, our Revit modellers can populate your Revit model, or a linked Revit model – This is all carried out and delivered back to you in the Revit format required by you.

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BIM Design & Calculation Service
Design & Calculation Service

Outside of the Design Framework, there are some applications that require a deeper level of calculation, design or engineering judgement, like complex overhead grids, restraining pipework against the effects of thermal expansion and engineering judgements for non-standard fire penetrations. The output you will receive from this service are detailed calculations, a BoM (Bill of Materials) and a Revit & IFC typical of the application(s). After this service has been delivered, you could also ask for an additional BIM Modelling service from us in order to populate these solutions in to your Revit model/linked model.

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BIM Shop & Overview Drawings
Shop & Overview Drawings

Once your design and modelling needs have been met, it’s time to prepare the construction and (pre)assembly drawings. For each application you will receive a PDF construction drawing for each Hilti solution detailing dimensions, component references and associated technical data.

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*The Design Framework is a pre-requisite for all other BIM services. 


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