DX 5 powder-actuated tool in action


Experience innovation in tool care and connectivity with the new Hilti DX 5 Powder-actuated tool

Direct fastening tools are amongst the quickest, easiest and safest for making serial fixing applications but even the best tools need a bit of TLC from time to time.

The trouble is, how do you know when your tool is ready to be serviced? Or when it should be cleaned? And if it needs to go in for a repair, where should you send it?

DX 5 Powder-actuated direct fastening tool

Meet the next generation in Hilti powder-actuated technology - the DX 5 tool that talks to you!

Incorporating proven Hilti DX direct fastening technology, this new tool also now features a service indicator with Bluetooth connectivity which lets you know when it's time for a clean or a service. What's more, if it needs to go in for repair you can arrange for it to be collected from site or your office, directly though the Hilti Connect App.

All this makes tool care easier than ever and gives you peace of mind that your tool is always ready to get the job done.



The tool that talks to you

DX 5 powder-actuated tool with service indicator

Get more out of your DX tool

With its new service indicator, the DX 5 will track any fastening activity so you can plan tool care in advance and reduce the risk of downtime.

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DX 5 powder actuated tool with Connect app

Hilti at your fingertips

With the DX 5 tool and the Hilti Connect App you can identify your tool's serial number, track how many fixings you've made, check the service status, order nails and cartridges and even access how-to videos on the go. What could be easier?

See how Hilti Connect will change the way you work on the jobsite

DX 5 powder-actuated tool on jobsite

Count on it

The DX 5 is built to last so you can rely on it for a wide range of fastening applications on hard concrete and steel such as fastening wood, metal track, electrical conduits or even insulation boards and grating plates.

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DX 5 powder-actuated tool maintenance service

Improved DX services

Cleaning is so easy you’ll be able to do it onsite, and with the Hilti Connect App we’ll show you how with step-by-step how-to videos. You can even book the tool in for a full maintenance service directly through the App and our tool service experts will take care of the rest and get your tool back to you, working good as new. 

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Faster, safer and more reliable

DX 5 powder-actuated direct fastening tool, form stops, formwork
1 / 3
Because fresh concrete can't wait

DX is the fastest solution for fastening form stop elements and installing timber braces when setting-up formwork for walls.

DX 5 powder-actuated direct fastening tool, cable ties
2 / 3
Fast fastening of cable ties

The new DX 5 can take on a whole range of mechanical and electrical tasks such as fastening cable ties, junction boxes and cable trunks and even light duty air ducts.

DX 5 deflection heads
3 / 3
Get ahead with deflection heads

Fully automatic, the DX 5 Powder-actuated tool is perfect for interior finishing applications delivering a fast, neat and simple solution for overhead fastenings.

Hassle-free tool services directly at your fingertips

Hilti Connect

Hassle-free tool services directly at your fingertips.

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High-performance collated nail for concrete and steel, for powder-actuated tools


High-performance collated nail for concrete and steel, for powder-actuated tools.

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