PR 30-HVSG Green beam rotating laser for interior applications

Interior Rotating Laser Levels

Green laser levels with 4x greater visibility for indoor applications

For interior applications, time is of the essence. Especially if you are being paid by the metre! That's why we've focussed our research into developing technologies that make your work quicker, easier and more productive.

Especially designed for interior applications, our range of interior rotating laser levels feature a green laser beam that delivers four times greater visibility than red beams.

With greater visibility, you can minimise the time you need to set up a tool to accurately project layout lines – even across larger workspaces. This means overall construction is accelerated, with accurate alignments of piping, cable trays, suspended ceilings grids or drywall rails. 

What's more our latest generation of tools are equipped with a fast-charging B12 Li-ion battery, enabling you and your team to work efficiently without interruption.

Hilti PR 3-HVSG Interior Rotating Laser

PR 3-HVSG Interior Rotating Laser

Robust, green-beam rotating laser suitable for all interior applications such as height transfer, leveling suspended ceilings, aligning drywall and squaring

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Hilti PR 30-HVSG Green Beam Interior Rotating Laser

PR 30-HVSG Interior Rotating Laser

Robust, green-beam, long-range rotating laser suitable for all interior applications, featuring our exclusive auto-alignment functionality for maximum accuracy in vertical alignment tasks.

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See how easy the new PR 30-HVSG Green Beam Rotating laser level is to use

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Aligning drywall

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Transferring heights

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Pipe Alignment

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Levelling Suspended Ceiling

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Calibration and measuring service – Keeping your Hilti measuring tools precise and accurate

Rotating laser levels are exposed to rough working conditions. Our drop-resistant laser technology is invented to protect your tools accuracy despite occasional falls. However, there are several other factors influencing accuracy too, such as major changes in air pressure, humidity and temperature, so we recommend you check your lasers levels regularly, at least once a year. As a Fleet Management customer, we offer you a free annual calibration service including a certificate with your tool’s test result, stating its calibration status.

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