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Hilti Store Refresh


Think of your house. Does it look exactly the same as it did 10 or even 15 years ago?

The answer is probably no. So why should our Hilti Stores be any different?

Many of our stores were last renovated a long time ago and so much has changed even in the last 10 years!

That’s why we’re undertaking a mass renovation project to bring all our Hilti Stores into the 21st century but also to refresh the lay-out and design in line with our new brand style.

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We've changed our name

If we asked you before, "What is a Hilti Centre?" We would forgive you for thinking it might be a distribution centre, pick-up point or Hilti office. That's why we've changed the name to Hilti Store, so you know exactly what it is and what we have to offer.

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We're easier to find

If its your first time to the store or you're completely new to Hilti, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find us. So with the new brand refresh, we're not only re-designing the inside of the store but also maximising the impact on the outside, with blockbuster red walls where possible and clear signage so you really won't be able to miss us!

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We've had a total redesign

With the brand refresh, we've completely renovated the look and feel of the old stores with everything from new furniture and lighting, to grab-and-go product displays and a dedicated product demonstration area. So you can really can try before you buy!

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We're easier to navigate

The overall layout has been improved, making it easier for you to find the products you need. We've also added an experience zone where you can grab a coffee and a chat with one of our Hilti Store Reps who are on hand to help with whatever you need.

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We've gone digital

We’re leaping into the digital age with new screens and tablets located around the store so you can access product information, videos and much more as you browse the new store. Your Hilti Store Reps will also be equipped with a tablet so they can support you with expert advice wherever you are in the store and they can place your order there and then without being tied to a desk.

Local team - expert advice

Hilti Store Renovation

Our team of experts can not only advise on products, services and perform demonstrations. They can also help with tool servicing whilst you wait (battery test, cleaning and maintenance of DX / GX tools, warranty assessments) and offer information and training on our products, services and solutions.

With the new Hilti Store renovations, it’s not just about changing the wallpaper or giving it a lick of paint – we want to give you an improved in-store experience, to be a local point of contact for support and advice whenever you need us. 

So why not pop in, have a coffee and chat with your local Hilti Store Rep and make yourself at home – you can even charge your phone in the coffee area, it’s so much more than a just a store.