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  • A faster, more efficient way to design anchor and rebar connections – the latest codes and products are pre-selected to solve specific applications, which can save you hours of research. You can also avoid slow, error-prone tasks, like manual load transfer, thanks to the direct import function from other structural analysis software including ETABS, SAP2000, RISA, Robot, and STAAD.Pro
  • All-in-one structural connection design software – analyse complete anchorage and baseplate designs using the Component Based Finite Element Methodology, then generate customisable calculation reports all within PROFIS Engineering Suite
  • Training available – various quick-start training options can provide you with a strong foundation for designing steel-to-concrete and concrete-to-concrete connections
  • Free version available – try the fully featured version of PROFIS Engineering Suite Premium for 30 days with no limitations. After the 30 days you will automatically have access to the free Standard version
  • Designing steel-to-concrete connections – including anchor fasteners for structural baseplates, handrails or other fixtures in concrete and masonry (handrail fastening exclusive to PROFIS Engineering Suite Premium)
  • Baseplate connection analysis including stiffener, welds, anchors and concrete verification (exclusive to PROFIS Engineering Suite Premium)
  • Designing concrete-to-concrete connections – including post-installed rebar splices and concrete overlay
  • Generating detailed, step-by-step anchor design reports displaying code references, calculations and formulas
  • Identifying anchor item numbers, calculating mortar volumes and preparing bills of materials

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All-in-one anchor design software

Maximise your productivity by designing steel to concrete connections as a whole

The PROFIS Engineering Suite makes tackling even the most complex and challenging anchoring projects easier. The state-of-the-art software handles calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel to concrete connection including base material, steel plate, anchors, weld and stiffeners with easy iteration and thorough documentation - all from one cloud-based tool.

Maximize your productivity with our most complete anchor design software

Advantages of PROFIS ENGINEERING anchor design Software at a glance


Eurocode ready

PROFIS Engineering is ready for EN 1992-4. The new standard consolidates, updates and replaces older technical specifications (e.g. ETAG001, TRO29) for fastener design.

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Reduce design time

Reduce design time

Combine anchor and baseplate calculations to reduce overall design time.

Improve accuracy

Improve your accuracy

Ensure your specifications are right the first time. Automatic load transfers, simultaneous multiple load combination processing, and BIM / CAD model generation all help to reduce errors and rework.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Integrated data sharing in a single platform grants every stakeholder immediate access to the most up-to-date design files and reports. This helps to improve transparency, remove communication logjams and increase efficiency.

Everything you need, all in one anchor design software package

Anchoring in concrete, masonry, and concrete over metal deck capabilities make it easy to complete your entire job in one simple software.

Comprehensive calculating

Anchoring in concrete and masonry capabilities make it easy to complete your entire baseplate connection in one simple software.

An integrated cloud-based platform keeps stakeholders connected and data up to date. It also means you can access your designs from any device in any location.

Cloud-based platform

An integrated cloud-based platform keeps stakeholders connected and data up to date. It also means you can access your designs from any device in any location, even on the go.

Automatic generation of BIM/CAD models removes time-consuming, error-prone manual sketching.

Compatible integration

Easy transfer of data from structural software such as ETABS, ROBOT, DLUBAL and RISA, to import multiple load combinations plus quick exporting to modelling software plugins such as TEKLA, to create and manage 3D structural models in concrete or steel without complications or re-work.

Why upgrade to Profis Engineering?

Software features PROFIS Anchor 2
Phased out
PROFIS Engineering Standard
New 2020
PROFIS Engineering Premium
New 2019
License type Access Free of charge Access Free of charge Subscription Fees apply
Multiple load combinations
Import loads from Excel
Eurocode 2 Part 4 (EN 1992 -4)  

Advanced steel-concrete connection design and stress analysis on: (1)

  • Base material
  • Steel base plate
  • Anchors
  • Welds
  • Stiffners







Masonry design according to ETAG  
Cloud-enabled web access and file sharing via desktop, tablet or smartphone  
Intuitive user interface including undo functions  
Customisable reports  
Output item numbers  
Interface with Tekla modelling software     
Load transfers from structural analysis software    

Select the right PROFIS Engineering Software licence for you

PROFIS Engineering Standard

PROFIS Engineering Standard

  • Built on the capabilities of its predecessor (PROFIS Anchor), 
  • Available FREE of charge with 1-click once 30 day trial has expired
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Stand-alone licence

PROFIS Engineering Premium: Stand-alone licence - best for individuals

  • 1 user
  • Only one named user access at a time per license
  • £200 p/year
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Floating licence

PROFIS Engineering Premium: Floating licence - best for medium-sized companies

  • Multiple users access to basic features
  • Only one user access at a time to premium features
  • £300 p/year
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Engineering support

Engineering support

Our nationwide team of highly-trained Engineers will support you on the phone, in the office or on the job site. Wherever you need us. Our office based engineering team are also never more than a click or a call away to provide you with a competent solutions to your design challenges. With a vast array of backgrounds and experience, they can support you in every detail, from design to installation, for every Hilti product.

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Hilti BIM/CAD library

Hilti BIM / CAD library

Access the extensive Hilti BIM / CAD library with Hilti products in 2D and 3D on the website or through our partners AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, Dlubal and

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