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NPU 100-22 Cordless knockout punch

Compact and versatile cordless hydraulic knockout tool for punching conduit-size holes through various materials

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NRC 6-22 Cordless rebar cutter

cordless rebar cutter

Cordless rebar flush cutter for low spark cold cutting threaded rods and (25 mm / #8) rebar

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SF 8M-22 Cordless drill driver

Cordless drill driver with interchangeable chucks, more torque, higher RPM and adjustable speed

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SIW 6AT-22 Mid-Torque impact wrench


Power-class 22V impact wrench with robust 1/2" friction ring anvil for faster and safer anchoring and bolting

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SC 6ML-22 Cordless circular saw for metal

Cold-cutting cordless metal saw for extra-fast, precision cutting up to 60 mm│2-3/8” depth

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SF 10W-22 Cordless drill driver

Cordless drill driver with higher torque which specializes in demanding applications in wood and other materials

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SIW 10-22 Cordless impact wrench


Ultimate-class, high-torque cordless impact wrench with ¾” anvil and friction ring for heavy bolting and anchoring

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  • Power around 80 tools with a single battery
  • More work-per-charge
  • Built-in battery diagnostics
  • New and improved safety features
  • Last charged location*

*Fleet subscription and charger module required


MRP-C Refrigeration pipe clamp

pipe clamps

Premium galvanised pipe clamp for securing cold water and refrigeration pipes with a variety of insulation thicknesses

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KCF 4-22 Cordless Jobsite Fan

cordless jobsite fan

Powerful jobsite fan with all-day battery life, rotating head, and hanging hooks for cooling and ventilating working areas

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CU 4-22 USB Charging Adapter

usb charging adaptor

USB charging adapter for Nuron batteries, with wireless charging, USB-C PD, and USB-A ports to charge laptops, tablets, and more devices

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HIT-CT 100 Adhesive anchor

Adhesive Anchor

Environmentally approved injection mortar for high-performance fastenings in concrete, formulated to meet health and environmental safety requirements.

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