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Tool repair made easy

Log a repair online within minutes

It’s never been easier to book your Hilti tool in for a repair. Simply log in to your Hilti account, fill out a few details, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Our mission is to help you have your tools and equipment ready to work when you are. That's why we offer industry-leading warranty conditions, tool repair turnarounds and 24/7 online repair booking.

Making tool repair easier for you

24/7 Online Repair Booking

For ultimate convenience, you can book repairs outside of working hours via the online portal. This includes arranging pickup and delivery.

Repair Pickup

Experience a faster and easier repair process with our repair pick-up service. Simply schedule a pickup for as early as the next business day from your office or warehouse location.

Tool Replacement

Fleet customers who use our online portal for repairs can easily request a loan tool to arrive the next working day via the website.

Repair Cost Limit

To help provide cost predictability, Hilti provides a Repair Cost Limit of purchased tools to 40% of the cost of a new tool. 

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Register now to unlock the full benefits

Our new and improved online repair service offers so much more if you need to organise a tool repair. Some of our latest features mean you can now: 

  • Get a tracking link that can be accessed without the need to log in
  • View the expected date of pickup and delivery of your tools
  • Change the delivery address of a tool before it’s repaired 
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Free tool repairs with Fleet management

We manage your tools so you can take care of your business

With our Fleet Management solution, all your tool needs including use, service and repairs are covered within the fleet fee. You get free repairs and loan tools while you wait.

All this helps reduce downtime and create more visibility over what you're spending on tools and equipment.

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Measuring tool calibration service

Service includes verification of accuracy, adjustment and a calibration certificate

We offer a calibration service to test and readjust your Hilti measuring tools including laser meters, rotating lasers, point and line lasers, concrete scanners and total stations.

You will receive a calibration certificate confirming that the tool complies with its original manufacturer’s standards and corresponds to a declaration of conformity according to ISO/IEC 17050-1.

Tool service FAQs

Requesting a tool repair on Hilti Online

Requesting a tool repair online is simple, fast and convenient – allowing you to track the status of your repair along the way.

  1. Log in to your Hilti account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the browser window
  3. Select 'Repair tools' under Tool management
  4. Check the box(es) to select tool(s) you want and click the 'Repair' button
  5. Fill out the request form, delivery options, purchase order number and click 'Submit Order'. Shipping label(s) will be emailed to you – print, attach to box and ship

Hilti Fleet repair service

With Tool Fleet Management, all repair costs are covered, completed within three days, and delivered directly to your jobsite. Batteries, chargers and spare parts are also included. 

Requesting a loan tool

With Tool Fleet Management, you can request a loan tool during the repair process to help reduce downtime and delay. With loan tools, you don't need to have back up tools on stock.*

To request a loan tool for a Fleet tool repair, simply select "Request loan tool" during Step 1 of the online repair process.

*Some exclusions apply

What is Repair Cost Limit?

Repair Cost Limit is a Hilti service that can help provide cost predictability for customers by limiting repair costs of purchased tools to 40% of the cost of a new tool. This allows customers to better predict repair costs to help manage their bottom line.

Tools that are eligible for Repair Cost Limit

Repair Cost Limit applies for tool repairs performed outside of our two-year warranty period. In these instances, if you request a tool repair, you can expect to spend no more than 40% of the cost of a new tool equivalent.

Hilti Tool Service Terms and Conditions

1. Hilti Tool Service

If a defect occurs with a Hilti tool, Hilti will take care of it quickly, professionally and completely free of charge for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.
After that we continue to prove the quality of our products by putting a limit on what a repair can cost – for the lifetime of the tool – that is the entire estimated lifecycle of a Hilti tool.
We even provide you a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. That’s not just reassuring to know, it’s unique in this field.

2. Speed promise

To qualify for the speed promise, tool repair orders must be notified to Hilti via Customer Services or online between the hours of [8 am - 5 pm] and the tools must be ready for prompt collection. Tools left at a Hilti Store will be collected the following working day. Day 1 of the speed promise is the day the tool is collected.
All tools must be returned to Hilti individually, to enable tracking per tool and serial number. The speed promise does not apply to tools which are packaged and returned to Hilti together, unless Hilti is notified at the time of the order that the tools will be shipped together in one box.

3. No repair costs for up to 2 years!

For up to an initial two year period, starting from the date the tool was originally purchased from Hilti, all repairs will be provided to the customer free of charge.

This includes:

Pick-up and transportation costs
Labour costs
Faulty parts and parts include wear and tear
Servicing when indicated by the service indicator on the tool
Functional check, adjustment and safety check
Return transportation.
For angle grinders, tools with NiCad/NiMH battery technology,
petrol-powered cut-off saws and DX 860 powder-actuated fastening tools the no-cost period is 1 year.

For diamond systems with an operating hours counter, the repair cost limit applies for 2 years or 200 hours (whichever is reached first).

4. Repair cost limit

After the expiration of the initial no-cost period, Hilti sets a repair cost limit for the entire life of the tool.
For repairs requested by the customer outside of the initial no-cost period, the customer will be charged a maximum of 40% of the standard selling price of the corresponding new tool. If the cost of the repair remains below this limit, you only pay the actual cost. The standard selling price is the price shown on at the time of the repair(s).
For 3 months after every functional repair you pay for, you benefit from the same free-of-charge service as with a new tool (repair extension).
The repair cost limit applies for the lifetime of the tool, provided all repairs are carried out by Hilti.

5. Manufacturer’s warranty

Hilti repairs or replaces, free of charge and over the entire life of the tool, all tools that suffer defects as a result of:

Faulty materials
Manufacturing faults
As long as the tool has been serviced by Hilti according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

General Terms and Conditions apply.

6. General and exclusions

All accessories are excluded. Pistons and buffers in direct fastening tools and filters for vacuum cleaners and gas saws are not covered by Hilti Tool Service. Repair or replacement cost of these items shall be at the customers’ expense.
The start date of all warranties is the delivery date of the tool to the customer from Hilti.

Some tools are excluded from the Hilti Tool Services coverage described above, including:

1. Tools which are not used for their intended purpose, in strict compliance with the operating instructions and other instructions issued by Hilti.
2. The repair cost limit and 3 month repair extension do not apply to batteries and chargers. Batteries and chargers will be exchanged rather than repaired within the no cost period for up to two years.
3. The no-cost period does not apply for SIW tools and kits for scaffolding trades and WSR/SR tool kits for pallet trades. However, the repair cost limit still applies for SIWs for scaffolders and only WSR 1400 for pallet trade.
4. The 3 month repair extension does not apply to TE 60 tools for cavity wall trades, SIW tools and kits for scaffolding trades, or WSR/SR tool kits for pallet trades.

Exclusions apply to the speed promise, including the following:

1. Measuring robot station (POS), Heavy diamond tools (DS tools and wall saws), mining tools (TE MD)
2. Special equipment / non-standard list items
3. Tool repairs which need clarification from the customer to complete the repair
4. Tools which have been returned to Hilti for a repair quote request
5. Deliveries which are denied, refused or rescheduled by the customer
6. Tools which are shipped as dangerous goods (including lithium batteries more than 100 Wh)
7. Repairs collected from the customer by a third party not instructed by Hilti
8. Any tools which have not been sold by Hilti [IE] or have not been sold for a defined period
9. Certain geographical areas including islands without a bridge to mainland
10. Items which never received a serial number from Hilti
11. Deliveries which are delayed by a Force Majeure event
12. Bulk deliveries; over 15 tools from one customer per job site at a time
13. Pallet pick-ups
14. Days when Hilti Tool Service Centre is not operational due to holidays or other special occasions

Hilti standard Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.