Our commitment to sustainability

Long-term success based on respect for the environment, people's heath and society

We share a common goal: to act more sustainably. We want to create a world less burdened by the construction industry's impact – one that’s safer and healthier for all and that benefits from positive contributions to society.

We can help the construction industry be more sustainable while securing its long-term success by aligning on business strategies that value the health of our environment, our people and our society as well as economic factors.

A holistic strategy: three equally important pillars


We can reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to the SBTi to play our part in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C in line with the Paris Agreement.


A safer, healthier industry benefits us all. We care for our employees' well-being and can help you find solutions that prioritize health and safety in your buildings and jobsites. 


By committing to a better society and holding the construction industry to high ethical standards, we can make positive changes where we live, where we work and beyond.

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For our environment

Construction solutions that help you lower your carbon footprint

We aim to lead the industry in circularity and low carbon footprint solutions to accelerate your sustainability initiatives and help drive change in the resource-intensive construction industry. 

That’s why we are strongly committed to a set of science-based targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We are drawing up an action plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions along our entire value chain by 2033 (short-term target) and achieve net-zero by 2050 (long-term target).



Our fleet management model helps us extend control over the life cycle of our products. We reduce waste by optimizing your tool park and ensuring you never have more equipment than you need.


When you return our tools, we either donate them for non-intensive use by humanitarian or educational causes or rework and reuse components for repairs instead of using new spare parts. 


Tools that can't be reused are recycled by our global network of audited partners. We're striving to recycle more overall, including during our manufacturing processes, to avoid waste in landfills.

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For our people

Prioritizing health and safety for everyone, everywhere

We're committed to the health and safety of our employees. We want to help you do the same.

We not only offer products and services that focus on jobsite and building safety but also help improve safety standards by working with research and approval bodies. We avoid using potentially hazardous substances where possible without sacrificing performance, and our tool innovations help protect your teams from fatigue and injuries.


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For our society

Engaging beyond business to find sustainable solutions

We understand there are societal challenges where we live and work. That's why we engage our employees to make contributions that go beyond business.

In developing countries and emerging markets, the Hilti Foundation is committed to empowering people to lead independent and self-determined lives. Its goal is to make a social impact at scale. By working with Hilti, you're contributing to a better world: We provide 2% of our profit to the foundation.

Sustainable construction solutions

Reduce your environmental impact while still growing your construction business

We want to ensure long-term success for ourselves and for you, our customers, by working together on energy efficient solutions that will help us grow our businesses sustainably. These solutions include:

  • green building products that are externally certified to meet environmental and health standards
  • our Fleet Management usage model that helps make sure you only have the tools you need, reducing resource consumption 
  • reuse of tools or tool parts that meet our high quality standards, or recycling where possible