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3 reasons why you should follow Hilti on LinkedIn

We love the way LinkedIn allows us to connect with people, including customers, trade professionals and those that are new to the industry.  Start following us today, you won't regret it!

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3 ways to reduce tool theft

Research shows that 63% of thefts occurs on site, followed by 37% from vehicles. The crime can’t be completely eliminated, but there are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of it happening and even soften the impact with Hilti.

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Introducing New Online Repair Tracking

The full repair tracking process can now be managed via your Hilti Online account (24/7) meaning you’ll never have to pick up the phone.

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The firms and customers who trust us

We are proud of the positive impact that our tools and services contribute to hard-working firms. As we work with organisations across the construction landscape, we continue to receive positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers.

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Why Communication In Construction Means Profit

Our research shows that a typical worker on site uses just 30% of their day for work time. The other 70% is wasted on preparing, transitioning, or waiting for materials- Enter Fieldwire by Hilti!

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Be more productive on the site

No matter what brand they are, you can track your tools, commodities, consumables, certification records and maintenance history at the click of a button with Hilti ON!Track.

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Hilti fleet management

How to improve cost control in construction

Hilti Fleet Management is a long-term tool hire solution where you pay a monthly fee for the tools you need across your projects. This service can help you with cost management and back-office efficiency at the same time.

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Angle Grinder Safety

As one of the most popular tools on the jobsite, angle grinders can pose a risk when not used correctly.

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How technology can help make the construction industry safer

Embracing technology has many benefits, including making your construction business safer.

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5 ways to ensure lithium-ion battery safety

Let's take a look at 5 ways to ensure battery safety - helping you to boost productivity and the lifespan of your batteries.

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history of Hilti Ireland

Building Ireland's future together

The Hilti Ireland story is one of perseverance, growth, and a commitment to excellence that has helped shape the landscape of construction in Ireland – which many of our customers have been a crucial part of.

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Sustainability in construction

Sustainability in construction

At Hilti, we actively manage and take responsibility for the environmental, social and people impact of our activities through the implementation of sustainable business practices at all levels. 

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Answering the top 8 FAQs we get on social media

Ever wondered what our top FAQs are? We answer them in this blog!

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