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Available as a free plug-in for Intergraph Smart3D®, Aveva PDMS® and Aveva Everything3D®

Integrates with the software you use every day to deliver efficient, workable MEP supports. The plug-in gives you access to over 700 elements from the Hilti Channel and Strut Library. The plug-in focuses on smart support templates for rule-based frame supports such as I, L, T, U-shape, wall-to-wall or channel-to-steel/concrete. Please refer to the user manual for more details

Benefits for every step of modular MEP support design and construction

Enhance the capabilities of your preferred software for a more connected project team throughout the design, procurement, and building process. Design rules and product connection logic are automatically embedded to help ensure the constructability and reliability of designs. The clash detection feature further minimizes risks and changes on the jobsite.

Easily adapt an engineering specification to a project specification

Insert Hilti strut/modular girder systems directly into your 3D plant designs using our modular supports catalogue, templates and typicals wizard. Our catalog of smart assemblies helps you more easily design mechanical, electrical, and piping applications for your energy and industry projects.

Simpler optimization, standardization, and customization

Quickly add attachments, resize frames, swap out parts, and add bracing in your 3D model with our intelligent smart support placement wizard. Customize typicals based on your unique design requirements to support project standardization.

Automatically generate Bills of Material and other essential documentation

Control costs and streamline ordering thanks to the plug-in’s automated BOM generator. The modular supports design plug-in helps you to produce a fully specified model with support data, a bill of materials, or material takeoff report in a few clicks.

Engineering support available from Hilti

Your local Hilti Engineers are available to help you find the most efficient solutions for your project and standards.

Technical Data

Consulting & Support


3D design software for modular support systems

Hilti Button for Smart™3D and PDMS™ is a design and planning tool for pipe, cable tray and HVAC duct supports, used in chemical, power, mining, oil, and gas construction projects.

It’s available as a plug-in to two widely used design software programs, Aveva PDMS™ and Intergraph Smart™3D.

It also helps your team to collaborate, enabling all project team members to access designs, bills of materials, virtual reviews, interference checks and construction planning.

This can all help to minimize risks and changes on the jobsite.


Integrating your team’s work process

You can use Hilti Button for Smart™3D and PDMS™ throughout your design, procurement and build process, sharing information and data throughout your project team.

Engineering design

  • Identify relevant solutions for your design – which Hilti supports are right for your design and compliant to engineering specification.
  • Ensure a high level of safety – Hilti Button for Smart™3D and PDMS™ is based on years of Hilti expertise in modular support design and research. It includes our Instructions for Use (IFU) guidelines to ensure the same level of safety and constructability in our software designs, as in our system solutions.
  • Automatically create a bill of material and fully specified drawings.


  • As a purchaser, you can keep track of what’s used in any project.
  • Hilti Buttton for Smart™3D and PDMS™ automatically generates a bill of materials, making it easier to buy the Hilti products you need.


  • Get a fully specification compliant drawing for the plant – see clearly what needs to be installed and where.
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