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Air Cleaners

Show me air cleaners designed to extract respirable dust during construction and renovation work

Show me air cleaners designed to extract respirable dust during construction and renovation work
AIC 2000 Air cleaner Agile and light air cleaner with extra power for removing fine airborne particles at higher speed or from larger areas
AIC 1000 Air cleaner Agile and light air cleaner for removing fine airborne particles during construction work

Portable air cleaners

Limit the spread of dangerous fine dust on the construction site

When it comes to hazardous construction dust, a little can be a lot. Protect your teams by helping them comply with safety regulations on dust exposure, and run cleaner jobsites by containing the spread of fine, airbourne dust particles with our powerful, lightweight AIC 1000 and AIC 2000 air scrubbers.

The dangers of dust

Long-term exposure can pose serious health risks

Dust created by everyday construction jobs is not just bad for your productivity. Long-term exposure to the tiny silica dust particles found in concrete, tile, brick and mortar can lead to silicosis, which has been proven to increase the risk of lung cancer. Prolonged exposure to dust on the jobsite can also cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, commonly seen in construction.


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Why use air cleaners?

Run safer, cleaner jobsites by targeting airborne dust

To protect your teams from dust exposure during indoor work, the first step is capturing hazardous dust where it's created. We offer a wide range of dust removal systems that combine tools, accessories and vacuum cleaners for this. However, these systems don't remove all fine dust particles from the air. That's why air cleaners are an ideal complement to other dust extraction solutions when working indoors.

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Stay compliant

Use air cleaners to help meet regulations on dust exposure

Many countries now regulate exposure to dangerous construction dust. For example, US construction regulator OSHA has set a permissible exposure limit for silica dust of not more than 50 micrograms per cubic meter averaged over an 8-hour day. In the European Union, the workplace exposure limit for respirable crystalline silica is 0.1 micrograms per cubic meter as an 8-hour time-weighted average.

Using an air cleaner alongside your tool-based systems can help you run more compliant jobsites and avoid possible penalties.

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Stay mobile

Get lighter air cleaners without compromising on performance

Air cleaners can often be heavy and cumbersome. To make it easier for you to transport your air cleaners to the jobsite and move them while you are working, we’ve designed our AIC 1000 and AIC 2000 air scrubbers to be as light as possible.

The AIC 1000 weighs just 15.2 kg with an airflow of 1,425 cubic meters an hour at the motor. For the AIC 2000, the airflow is 2,200 cubic meters an hour at the motor and the weight is only 16.3 kg.

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Run cleaner jobsites

Stop the spread of dust through homes and buildings

The AIC 1000 and AIC 2000 can be use for a wide range of applications – from circulating and filtering air in sealed off areas during demolition work to creating negative pressure zones for dust containment when you are doing projects such as residential renovation work.

To give you extra flexibility, our cleaner can also be integrated directly into dust walls – no extra attachments or accessories are necessary.

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Take control of dust

Tool-based dust removal solutions for your jobsites

Reduce dust exposure and increase productivity on site with solutions that combine tools, accessories and vacuum cleaners to help greatly reduce exposure to dust – whether you are drilling, chiseling sawing, cutting or grinding.

More than just compliance

Help protect your employees and design safer buildings with construction solutions that go far beyond complying with codes and standards.

Explore safety solutions designed to protect your teams

Build greener

Need to design according to the latest environmental codes? Looking to obtain points towards green building schemes such as LEED and BREEAM? 

Explore green building certification solutions