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Construction Total Stations

Find out how our total stations are designed to be intuitive to use for point-marking and construction layout, both outdoors or indoors, on floors, walls or ceilings

Find out how our total stations are designed to be intuitive to use for point-marking and construction layout, both outdoors or indoors, on floors, walls or ceilings
PLC 600 Layout tablet Layout tool controller with fast computing power and 10” screen, for jobsite stake-out, surveying and BIM-to-Field layout using all Hilti advanced layout tools
PLT 400-4 Construction layout tool Versatile and easy-to-use construction layout tool for one-person operation, with 4" angle measurement accuracy and extended range for faster stake out of positions on the jobsite
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Construction Layout tools designed for simple and quick use

Our new advanced layout solutions help you work faster on the jobsite

We understand that boosting productivity on the jobsite can be a challenge in the construction industry. This is why our new PLT 300 construction layout tool and PLC 400 tablet are engineered to bring you the connectivity, speed and accuracy you need.  


The PLT 300 has a self-levelling capability of ±5º meaning that no more manual leveling is required. Simply turn the tool on and it will automatically level itself! Its automatic stationing capabilities makes positioning the tool as simple as it gets. In addition, the PLT 300 comes with a green laser for increased visibility for layout in bright situations.

Save time

The PLT 300 has a unique tablet and software combination that allows a single operator to remotely perform more than 4 times the number of layout points per day (up to 500) than a team of 2 using traditional layout methods.


The PLT 300 can help bring your BIM models to life, by integrating with the industry standard file formats such as DWG, DXF and CSV which are all supported by programmes such as Revit, Auto CAD, Navisworks, Tekla and many more. The simple user interface gives you everything you need on one screen from a 3D view to line creation and even the ability to create intersections, corners and more without data preparation.

You can then use the same PLT-300 to bring these real-life layout points or “As-built” information back into you BIM model, giving you a complete and transparent workflow.




Hilti PLT 300 layout tool

Hilti PLT 300 layout tool

Easy-to-use and self-leveling construction layout tool for one-person operation.

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Hilti PLC 400 tablet

Hilti PLC 400 tablet

Intuitive Windows tablet for PLT 300 layout tool.

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Hilti construction layout software

Construction layout software

Helps you to plan layouts whatever your level of measuring skill.

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PROFIS Layout software

Layout office software

Design layout points with or without detailed engineering expertise and with or without CAD design software – with Hilti PROFIS Layout Office and PROFIS Field Points and Point Creator Plug-ins.

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