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Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammers

Show me 22V and 36V cordless SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammers designed for concrete drilling and light chiselling

Show me 22V and 36V cordless SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammers designed for concrete drilling and light chiselling
TE 4-22 Cordless rotary hammer Compact SDS Plus cordless rotary hammer with our best performance-to-weight ratio for overhead drilling (Nuron battery platform)
Nuron TE 30-22 Cordless rotary hammer Powerful cordless SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammer with Active Vibration Reduction and Active Torque Control for concrete drilling and chiseling (Nuron battery platform)
Worker using TE 30-22 for formwork application

Discover SDS Plus Rotary Hammers

All-day drilling and chiseling with the flexibility of cordless

Experience less downtime, greater speed and run time, and reduced operator fatigue when drilling, chipping, channeling and chiseling into concrete or masonry with our flagship cordless SDS Plus rotary hammers.

And with tools that run on the Nuron cordless platform, you can expect even more power and run time than ever before.

Get more from our SDS Plus rotary hammers

More flexibility

Whether you're drilling holes for anchors or rebar all day, or chiseling in hard-to-reach places, we have just the right cordless rotary hammer – and high-performance accessory – to help you get it done.

More productivity

Work more safely and with less fatigue thanks to lower tool weights, improved handling and safety features like Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC).

More convenience

Optimise your tool park by running all your cordless tools with interchangeable batteries on a single platform – with the 22V Nuron system you can even get more power than corded, gas or other higher voltage platforms.

a rotary hammer drills through concrete

lower weight, smaller size.


The Nuron TE 4-22 provides more performance at a lower weight with increased safety – making it ideal for overhead drilling. While it offers serial anchor hole drilling up to 12mm, you can also benefit from its highest productivity for mobile anchoring applications across our range.

a rotary hammer drills through concrete

Advanced rotary hammering

Continue a groundbreaking journey with the TE 30-22

We helped pioneer modern hammer drilling half a century ago and this story continues with the game-changing TE 30-22.

A true all-rounder with better handling than ever, the TE 30-22 runs on the Nuron cordless platform. With Nuron 22V batteries, you can get all the power of a corded tool along with exceptional run time and flexibility. The result? Hours of trouble-free drilling, chiseling, scraping and channeling.

Construction worker drilling overhead with a TE 4-22 for pipe fastening using Installation Systems, with an SL 2-22 lamp in the background

The Right Power for the Job

For everything from overhead drilling to corrective chiseling

Our flexible cordless rotary hammers deliver the performance you need, when and where you need it. Carry out repetitive overhead drilling and chipping tasks with a compact rotary hammer, or power through baseplate installations, chiseling and light steel work with a heavier-duty tool.

For even higher performance levels, choose our 22V cordless Nuron rotary hammers.

Worker drilling into concrete with safe and high performing rotary hammer TE 6-22 and TE DRS-4/6

Less Fatigue, More Safety

Better handling, less vibration and lower risk of kickback

To help you protect your teams from injury and reduce jobsite delays, our durable SDS Plus rotary hammers come with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Vibration (ATC). AVR can cut tool vibration by up to two thirds while Active Torque Vibration (ATC) helps prevent tools from spinning dangerously when they hit hidden objects.

In addition, our optional integrated Dust Removal Systems can remove virtually all dust to help you make your jobsites even safer and more comfortable.


Tile removal with versatile SDS plus rotary hammer TE 6-22

Accessories built for your tool

Work faster and longer with dedicated drill bits and chisels

You'll get even more performance from your SDS rotary hammer when you pair it with an accessory specially made for the tool.

For faster drilling through concrete, brick, masonry and rebar, our TE-CX hammer drill bits have carbide multi-cutter heads and advanced geometry. If you're anchoring, you'll save time and get more consistent results with our TE-CD hollow drill bit, which drills and cleans in one go. And when it comes to chipping, channeling, smoothing and scraping, our chisel bits are designed for longevity and efficiency.

Build you own cordless kit

Choose the cordless rotary hammer kit you want with the accessories you need.

Explore our cordless SDS plus rotary hammers

Health and Safety Compliance

A virtually dust-free jobsite is safer for your teams and better for your tools. Pair a Dust Removal System with a cordless VC 10 vacuum cleaner to boost jobsite comfort and help extend the life of your tools. 

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Lower your tool costs

Our Fleet Management service covers all your tool costs for a fixed monthly fee. Avoid a large upfront investment in tools and get only the equipment you need.

Learn more about Tool Fleet Management