Low-voltage electrical solutions

Power up your industrial and commercial electrical installation

Struggling to grow your business because you can’t take on more projects? Frustrated by slow layout and slitting? Or maybe you're interested in quicker fastening systems and easier firestop solutions that you don’t need to contract out. Whatever your situation, Hilti's light-duty electrical distribution solutions will help you boost productivity at every stage of your project.

MEP Supports Selector

Make jobsites safer

Prevent musculoskeletal injuries

Carrying out intensive overheard work? Our cutting-edge EXO-01 wearable exoskeleton is designed to reduce worker strain and fatigue – making jobsites safer and boosting productivity.

Worried about dust? Attach an onboard Hilti Dust Removal System (DRS) to your cordless rotary hammer for virtually dust-free drilling.

Laser-fast layout

Enjoy quicker leveling and alignment

Traditional layout with chalk lines and tape measures is slow and labour-intensive, while some measuring tools on the market don’t provide the performance levels you need. But with measuring tools like the cordless PM 30-MG and PM 40-MG multi-line lasers, you’ll benefit from higher durability, faster and more precise alignment and excellent visibility. For tasks like measuring cable paths and conduits, try our easy-to-use laser meters. You can even use our concrete scanners to avoid costly downtime caused by hitting hidden objects. 

Cut to the chase

Faster & safer slitting

Standard slitting and chasing solutions — like a hammer and chisel, angle grinder or breaker — can be hard work. They can also take a lot of time, cause damage and result in costly reworks. But thanks to the new Hilti DCH 150-SL wall chaser, you can create slits for electrical installations up to 40% faster than other similar tools on the market. Get quick, clean slits of widths and depths up to 50mm and enjoy virtually dust-free operation. And if you need to make quick penetrations in walls to pass cables, our combihammers deliver high productivity. Combine them with our DRS system for virtually dust-free drilling and chiseling. 

BX-3-ME Applications

Quicker fastening

Save time by going direct

Looking for a more productive alternative to drilling and setting anchors for cable fastening? Switch to direct fastening with the Hilti BX 3-L battery nailer. Propellent-free and safer to use, it helps you work up to 3x quicker than other fastening methods, whilst boasting a wide range of direct fastening elements. Not to mention it's virtually dust-free!

HIT-HY 200-R V3- rebar installation with the HDE 500-A22 chemical anchor dispenser

Simpler fire protection

Easy-to-install pre-formed firestop solutions

Forget messy and difficult-to-handle firestop mortars, sealants and coated boards. Opt for Hilti pre-formed fire protection systems instead! Our foam, cable collars and cable discs come with a broad range of approvals and can be quickly installed without specialist tools or training - making life easier and saving you time.

Faster device installation

Maximum flexibility with cordless tools and fasteners

The quicker your employees can install sockets, lights, switch boxes and other end-user devices, the lower your project costs will be. By using Hilti cordless impact drivers with light-duty anchors, you’ll benefit from faster and lower-vibrational installations. You can also speed up the process with our easy-to-remove HUS screw anchors.

Take control of your inventory

What equipment do you have? Who’s using it and where? Do your tools need maintenance or calibration? Is it time to renew training or certification? Get all this critical information and more with ON!Track, Hilti’s equipment management software for the construction industry.

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How Hilti engineers can help

Partner with Hilti to benefit from expert support through all stages of the project life cycle, from design to installation to building management. We offer everything from specialist advice and accredited training, to on-site testing and engineering judgements - helping you find the approved solutions you need. 

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