Increased jobsite health & safety with Nuron

Innovative technologies and optimised tools ensure improved health and safety

worker standing at height

Health & Safety

Effectively protecting your employees is a top priority on construction sites. In collaboration with customers, we have equipped our Nuron tools with innovative safety functions. The new Nuron tools score points when it comes to ergonomics, robustness and reduced weight, so users can work for longer periods of time, without any adverse effects.

In addition, even more tools now include tried-and-tested Hilti technologies, such as the Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), Active Torque Control (ATC) or Dust Removal System (DRS).

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New and improved features to improve health & safety

Safety matters

Work that could potentially be dangerous and strenuous is now easier and safer for your employees: the Nuron cordless devices have new and improved safety features and a reworked design. That means more protection in more devices. New functions and more tools with our proven technologies make working on your construction site easier and safer.

See how we've optimised the tools below...

Stops immediately in case of emergency

One person cutting steel with the Hilti Nuron AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder

The new SensTech™ technology detects the operator’s hand to effectively replace the dead man’s switch. Essentially, if a user releases the handle, the tool stops. The AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder, for example, combines this function with the 3D ATC function: If the tool is moved in an uncontrolled manner, the blade stops immediately thanks to the Active Torque Control.

More power, less weight

The Nuron TE 4-22 cordless rotary hammer in use

With a powerful battery and reworked tool design, the TE 4-22 achieves the perfect balance between weight and performance.

Virtually dust-free

A person wearing the Nuron VIC 10-M dust extractor on their back

Finally, you can work with less dust! Dust prevention systems are available for all applications and significantly reduce dust exposure on site.

Smaller devices for flexible working

Hilti Nuron SIW 8-22 in use

Working in confined spaces or overhead is particularly strenuous. That’s why we designed Nuron tools, which are often used in these areas, to be especially compact and ergonomic – to ensure less fatigue and flexible application.

From performance to connectivity... all the advantages of Nuron

You can make your projects ready for the challenges of the future. Read on to discover what other features Nuron has to offer.

SID 6-22 battery replacement

One battery platform for more than 70 tools

From light to heavy duty applications, all Nuron devices can be operated on just one 22V battery platform.

DSH 600-22 cordless cut-off saw

Increased power and longer runtimes

Nuron delivers long battery life and the power of wired and petrol-powered tools, even for heavy-duty applications.

BX 3-22 connected to the Connect App

Connectivity for improved productivity

Data-based services help with battery management and simplify tool planning and management.

TE 4-22 battery replacement

An overview of Nuron

Learn more about Nuron and the features its new Hilti battery system has to offer.

Nuron at a glance

Discover more Hilti Nuron tools

Currently, more than 70 Nuron tools are available - with many more to come!

TE 6-22

TE 6-22 cordless rotary hammer

Safer and more comfortable, the cordless rotary hammer offers optimised handling and tool balance. It’s equipped with Active Torque Control (ATC) and Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) for increased occupational safety. A dust extraction module can also be connected to the appliance with a click.

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SF 4-22

SF 4-22 cordless drill driver

The compact, powerful cordless drill driver is equipped with Active Torque Control (ATC). It prevents the tool body from turning in an uncontrolled manner, for example, if the drill is stuck. An LED light also provides a clear view of your work area.

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BX 3-22

BX 3-22 cordless fastening tool

The BX 3-22 delivers high speed and a long runtime. No matter whether you want to set fasteners in steel or concrete, the BX 3-22 can manage up to 850 fastening points per battery charge. It also facilitates overhead work thanks to its compact battery.

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The advantages of Nuron

Nuron brings these innovations to your industry

The Nuron battery system has been designed to meet the needs across a wide range of applications – from dry construction to industrial installations. Read on to find out how to best use Nuron in your field.

Demolition work with the TE 2000-22

Structural & Civil Engineering

Nuron makes it possible for you to undertake heavy-duty applications without petrol or cables. The new battery interface offers you the performance of a power supply unit.

NPR 32 XL-22 cordless hydraulic pipe press tool with the Hilti Nuron B22-55 battery

Heating & Air Conditioning

Maximum performance with optimised weight: the improved Nuron tools facilitate overhead work and installations of all kinds. Thanks to the analysis based on data, you always know which devices are in use.

Nuron battery-operated angle cutter cutting metal

Steel & Metal Construction

With up to twice the performance of existing battery-powered tools and offering improved ergonomics, our Nuron tools are perfectly suited to steel and metal work.

A drywall rail is attached to the ceiling using the Hilti Nuron BX 3-22

Interior Finishing

Whether it’s grinding, cutting, sawing or overhead work, the robust batteries and ergonomically improved Nuron tools protect your employees - increasing their working comfort.

A person using the Hilti Nuron SF 4-22 to drill

Electrical Engineering

Thanks to having just one platform, you can operate a large number of the devices you need every day using a single battery system. This reduces charging pauses and increases your productivity as well as flexibility on the construction site.

Hilti Nuron SIW 6-22 cordless impact wrench in use

Energy & Industry

Effective when working with steel, concrete or masonry. Thanks to Nuron, your employees in the field of energy and industrial plants can work safely and ergonomically - without compromising on performance.

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