One battery system for all your tools

More than 70 Hilti devices now run on a single 22V platform

worker putting battery on charger

One battery system

Coordinating and maintaining the equipment fleet is a challenge that affects all trades. From equipment that gets mislaid or badly maintained, to the wrong accessories or broken tools. It all leads to frustration, increased workplace risks and reduced productivity throughout the organisation.

Nuron provides a simple way to make all of this easier and gain a better overview of your equipment. Thanks to Nuron, batteries, devices and chargers are easily interchangeable and run on only one voltage.

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Simplify battery management for your fleet

22 Volt

for all
Nuron tools

70 Devices

now available
with more coming soon

1 Platform

for applications
from light to heavy duty

A leaner fleet increases productivity

A craftsman takes a Nuron battery out of a SID 6-22

Fewer failures, more profitable projects

The new Nuron batteries can already be put to use in more than 70 Hilti devices and are easy to swap with others if necessary. This means your search for the right batteries, chargers and accessories is a thing of the past. Even when it comes to switching between different applications, the compatible 22V platform saves your teams time and frustration.

A worker using Hilti Nuron TE 60-22 to break concrete

A simple system that’s easy to manage

The 22V Nuron technology tackles even the most demanding jobs, such as cutting or breaking up concrete with demolition hammers. For you, this means you can eliminate tools that rely on cables, petrol or different voltages. This gives you a much clearer overview of your equipment fleet and battery management.

The right battery for your applications

Nuron batteries can be used in all Hilti Nuron battery devices. To achieve the best balance between performance and weight, you can choose between different battery sizes for your individual application. In our most powerful devices, the batteries can be integrated in pairs. This means that Nuron batteries can even exceed the performance of wired tools.

With a completely redesigned innovative interface between the battery and the tool, it outperforms corded as well as petrol-powered tools – and all of this on the 22-volt Hilti platform.


Discover the Hilti Nuron devices

Currently, more than 70 Nuron devices are available, with many more to come.

Image of Hilti Nuron TE 60-22 combihammer

TE 60-22 cordless rotary hammer

The efficient cordless rotary hammer for drilling and chiselling performs even better than a wired device. This means you have another device on our 22 volt platform for maximum productivity, and with safety features like torque control (ATC) and vibration reduction (AVR).

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Image of Hilti Nuron 6H-22 drill driver

SF 6H-22 cordless hammer drill driver

Robust design, maximum power: the cordless hammer drill driver is equipped with actual torque control (ACT) and is suitable for universal use on wood, metal, masonry and other materials.

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Image of Hilti Nuron AG 6D-22 angle grinder

AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder

Compact but powerful: The angle grinder tackles even the toughest tasks at twice the cutting speed and, thanks to its new function, offers the user maximum safety while doing so.

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Image of Hilti Nuron BX 3-22 direct fastening tool

BX 3-22 battery-actuated fastening tool

The BX 3-22 delivers high speed and long runtimes. No matter whether you want to set fasteners in steel or concrete, the BX 3-22 can manage up to 850 fastening points per battery charge. The tool also makes overhead work easier, thanks to its compact battery.

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Discover the advantages of Nuron for your projects

Nuron brings these innovations to your industry

The Nuron battery system has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of areas of application – from dry construction to industrial installations. Read on to find out how to best use Nuron in your field.

Abbrucharbeiten mit TE 2000-22

Structural and civil engineering

Nuron makes it possible for you to undertake heavy-duty applications without petrol or cables. The new battery interface offers you the performance of a power supply unit.

Gezeigt wird die Anwendung der hydraulischen Rohrpresse NPR 32 XL-22 mit dem Hilti Nuron Akku B22-55

Heating and air conditioning

Maximum performance with optimised weight: the improved Nuron tools facilitate overhead work and installations of all kinds. Thanks to the analysis based on data, you always know which devices are in use.

Nuron Akku-Winkelschneider beim Metall trennen

Steel and metal construction

With up to twice the performance of existing battery-powered tools and offering improved ergonomics, our Nuron tools are perfectly suited to steel and metal work.

Eine Trockenbauschiene wird mit dem Hilti Nuron BX 3-22 an der Decke befestigt

Interior design

Whether it’s grinding, cutting, sawing or overhead work: the robust batteries and ergonomically improved Nuron tools protect your employees, increasing their working comfort.

Eine Person nutzt den Hilti Nuron SF 4-22 zum Bohren

Electrical engineering

Thanks to having just one platform, you can operate a large number of the devices you need every single day via just one battery system. This reduces charging pauses and increases your productivity as well as flexibility on site.

Zu sehen ist der Hilti Nuron Akku-Schlagschraubers SIW 6-22 in Anwendung

Energy and industry

Easy machining of steel, concrete or masonry: with Nuron, there’s no need to compromise, even in energy and industrial plants. Work ergonomically and at full power, all the time.

Upgrading to Nuron

Is it time to upgrade to Nuron? We will show you how you can quickly and easily convert your current projects to the new 22 V battery system – or contact us directly for a personal consultation.