Improving productivity in construction

It all starts when you look at your productivity

Every business, in any profession, will always have to manage its fair share of issues. As a modern construction business in Ireland, we understand the common challenges that you and the majority of firms in our industry face:

  • Increasing costs of core materials and equipment
  • Availability and cost of professional construction labour
  • Pressure to digitize your processes
  • Tool theft from vans and the jobsite
  • How to tackle your sustainability obligations

We are proud to have worked in this industry alongside you for so many years and we understand the need to find solutions to these challenges to help your business succeed.

Issues with labour

What are firms doing to control their costs?

The reality is, you’ll have little direct influence on things like the cost of materials and issues with a lack of skilled labour in the workforce. But what you can influence, is the way you manage your business to help it become more productive – by eliminating the things that cost you time and money.

It’s in areas like this where the businesses we work with have found efficiencies and made productivity gains, but it starts by looking at how you manage your tools and business in a slightly different way. 

Hilti Ireland productivity solutions

We want your business to succeed

Because the heartbeat of our communities is built by you

Across the whole of Ireland, businesses like yours play a part in what we want to achieve.

Customer explaining jobsite challenges to his Hilti account manager

And that’s why we want to help you

We’ll listen to how your business works, then together we can enhance your productivity

If your biggest expense is you labour costs, we can help. If you’re struggling to keep your workers safe or if you need to identify where you could optimise your workflow, we can also help. Our expertise isn’t just in the tools we sell, it goes beyond that. Because the businesses we’ve worked with understand the value of what can be achieved when you explore the benefits of enhanced productivity.

We won’t promise a magic bullet that can solve everything, but we can promise to offer expertise that has helped a host of other businesses where you are now. 

It all starts here

Want to make a difference to your business? Request a consultation.

Send a message to one of our experts who can explain more about the productivity benefits that can minimise downtime, complete jobs quicker, and offers full transparency of your tool park. We know that every business is different, that’s why our approach is to tailor a solution that is customised for your organisation.

We’d be happy to discuss anything you need to know, because at Hilti Ireland we’ve been directly partnering with construction businesses here in Ireland since 1965 to make construction better. We’d be delighted to hear your priorities and will endeavour to help you succeed into the future.