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Ever thought that state-of-the-art tools could be out of reach for your business? Think again.

If you’ve ever been on a job site where you’ve been let down by your tools, we know that it can be a hassle, especially when it causes delays and lost productivity. Equally as important, the impact of this can affect the reputation of your firm and bottom line. At Hilti, we can give you access to our latest tools, tracking and a repair service that can help you minimise downtime. And it’s much more accessible than you think. 

hilti cordless tools

our cordless tools let you do more

For every job on site

Tools from our Nuron range let you perform corded and petrol-powered applications on a single cordless platform. From breaking and cutting to drilling and fastening, Hilti cordless tools are designed for maximum performance, enhanced safety and improved user comfort.

But the best part? You can also track what you do without interrupting your day-to-day jobsite tasks. However, if you’re worried about any potential outlay costs, Hilti’s Fleet Management service means you can lease these tools for a fixed monthly fee – meaning you have better cost control from the outset.



Power-class cordless impact driver 


cordlesss jackhammers

Powerful and light battery-powered breaker  


Cordless circular saws

Cold-cutting cordless metal saw 


cordless hammer drill

Power-class hammer drill driver

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Get access to a faster repair service based in Dublin

We know how crucial it is to have a working tool park for all your projects. But if you ever need to arrange a repair, our Dublin Tool Service Centre can make sure your tools are repaired and serviced promptly by our expert technicians
  • 24/7 Online Repair Booking: For ultimate convenience, you can book repairs outside of working hours via the online portal. This includes arranging pickup and delivery.
  • Repair Pickup: Experience a faster and easier repair process with our repair pick-up service. Simply schedule a pickup for as early as the next business day from your office or warehouse location.
  • Tool Replacement: Need to minimise downtime? If you lease your tools from us you can easily request a loan tool, via our online portal, to arrive the next working day.


hilti asset management

Know where your tools are, in minutes

Eliminate lost time and more with asset tracking

If you’ve ever wondered where your tools are, or need to know who used it last, our ON!Track service offers tool tracking and transparency for modern construction professionals.

Know where your equipment is - ON!Track is much more than an asset tracking software. It can help improve efficiency and reduce hoarding with fast inventory checks.

Monitor safety certifications - Know who has what equipment, how long they've had it and whether they're certified to use it. Check tool safety and compliance requirements.

Get ahead with tool maintenance - Schedule and track maintenance and repairs, access equipment documentation and service records directly from the jobsite, and gain insights into what needs to be replaced.

hilti asset management

Track tools in vans or warehouses without any human intervention

With our connected Gateways, you can reduce the time it takes to locate tools, assets or vehicles across your workforce, jobsites or warehouses in just seconds. Not only will it save time, but it can cut down the lost hours that stop your employees from being productive on the road and on the jobsite.

  • Special Bluetooth tags can track any asset, and you can install them on tools or any other equipment, including non-Hilti products
  • Our stationary Gateways can help you monitor the location of tools in fixed locations, such as jobsites, warehouse or other storage locations
  • Even if items are moved between vehicles or locations, automatic transfers between vans and warehouses will still track where they are

It all starts here

Want a tool park that does more for your business?

The latest equipment, tool tracking and a leading repair service is now more accessible than ever before. Get in touch with one of our experts who can take you through everything you need to make it happen.

We’d be happy to discuss anything you need to know.