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4 ways ON!Track can help

4 ways ON!Track can help

In the construction industry, time is money - so we're always looking for ways to speed up processes to make jobsites more efficient and cost effective. Our asset management system ON!Track does just that. Not only does it offer a solution to the age-old problem of lost, stolen or misplaced tools, but it can also have a significantly positive impact on productivity - which in turn saves you time and money. 

Intrigued? Here are 4 ways ON!Track can help drive productivity throughout your business.

1. Keep check of your stock

Manual inventory checks are a beast of a task - so much so that some companies may choose to avoid them altogether as they simply take too long.

With ON!Track, you can initiate bulk inventory checks at the touch of a button, as every item is individually tagged and uploaded to our cloud-based software. You can even schedule remote inventory checks in warehouses and on jobsites thanks to Bluetooth technology. Not only will this save you a huge amount of time, but it'll also improve the accuracy of your figures - removing any possibility of human error.

You can also check how long a tool has been idle for, which gives you the opportunity to redistribute equipment to other sites that may need it - making processes streamlined and much more efficient.

2. Minimise downtime

On average, 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across multiple construction sites - time that would otherwise be spent working.

Thanks to ON!Track, you’ll always know exactly where your equipment is, who's using it and how long it's been there. This will significantly reduce the amount of time that's wasted looking for assets or chasing unnecessary paperwork. You can also check the status of tools, which eliminates the risk of them arriving on site in bad or unusable condition.

3. Stay compliant

There are various steps construction managers need to take to stay compliant - from ensuring employee certifications are up-to-date to checking that all equipment adheres to government standards and regulatory inspection and maintenance regimes.

ON!Track ensures your staff and equipment meet compliance regulations by tracking certificates and maintenance dates. This means there’ll be no risk of sending people on site without the correct certification (for example a ‘PAL’ card) who won’t be able to complete a job by law.

Employees are sent automated reminders before any due dates, making it easy to stay compliant when Health & Safety inspectors come knocking. This also helps you avoid the possibility of expensive fines and prosecution.

4. Reduce tool theft

According to a recent survey, 92% of companies in the construction industry have experienced theft, with as many as 21% claiming that theft is a weekly problem in their business. One of the best ways to reduce the risk of theft is to have a clear record of all equipment and materials owned by your business.

While we can't promise that theft won’t happen, ON!Track can help you lower the risk by increasing accountability and transparency in the handling of all tools and machinery, since each item is tracked to a location and a responsible person. This encourages workers to take more care of their tools, leading to fewer lost or stolen assets. And if you do happen to fall victim to tool theft, you can pass the location information to the police so they can investigate the incident.

If you're looking to boost jobsite productivity, or are simply looking to upgrade your asset management system, get in touch or explore our ON!Track page below.

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