Proof that cordless inserts increase battery performance

Cordless Inserts

Whether you’re cutting metal, drilling wood or hammer drilling, cordless-optimised inserts can really make a difference. In fact, they'll increase battery performance of your cordless systems, which in turn will boost productivity.

But, how can we prove that cordless-optimised inserts actually increase battery performance? In this blog, we'll compare them to our own conventional inserts to show how a few key changes make them more suited to cordless tools.

So, let’s weigh up the facts and figures to see if you really can ‘work more and charge less’ with cordless inserts.


TE-CX drill bit

Fact: Did you know that the TE-CX drill bit has a new solid carbide head for less wear and more holes with the accuracy required for setting anchors? Up to 320 to be precise!

Figures: The conventional insert drilled 49 holes, whereas the cordless-optimised drill bit managed 64 holes with the same battery.

Verdict: Up to 30% more work per charge.

cutting & drilling


Fact: Did you know that the X-Cut can do twice as many cuts as our nearest stainless-steel competitor blade? It can also do cold and clean cuts, so there's no need for hot work permits or smoothing and filing (as it has tungsten tips made of dedicated carbide grade for stainless steel applications and extra long life in steel.)

Figures: The conventional blades do 32 cuts on metal, whereas the cordless-optimised version did 63 cuts off the same battery.

Verdict: Up to 100% more work per charge.

Auger Bit

Fact: Did you know that the WDB-A Auger drill bit has a chrome coating that aids the reduction of friction along the drill bit from the base material, increasing speed and comfort for the operator?

Figures: The conventional insert drilled 19 holes, whereas the optimised cordless insert drilled 34 holes - completing more work off the same battery.

Verdict: Up to 80% more work per charge.

SCB WU Circular Saw Blade for wood

What about the difference between the cordless and conventional insert cuts for the SCB WU circular saw blade for wood?

Well, the cordless version has high dynamic stability due to energy saving smart damping mechanisms.

So, cordless inserts really do increase battery reach!

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