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Dust is a major concern for the construction industry and can seriously impact the health and safety of those working in the sector.

In fact, thousands of people every year die from either inhaling silica dust or from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – whilst others risk developing life-threatening illnesses like asthma or lung cancer. Over recent years, the conversation surrounding dust has gained momentum as the industry is beginning to open its eyes to the dangers.

At Hilti, we’re committed to tackling this issue head on, as we constantly strive to innovate and educate to make jobsites safer. By doing so, we also uncover productivity gains that will benefit you and your business. That’s why we’ve developed our brand-new report - How dust exposure is impacting health, safety and productivity.


What's inside? 

  • The impact dust is having on the construction industry and how it affects health, safety and productivity
  • Actionable insights on how to manage dust on your jobsite
  • Tool recommendations and dust removal solutions

Dust Management: 25 years of innovation at Hilti

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