How Fleet Management can help you control your business’ costs

Nothing throws a spanner in the works like ad hoc costs springing up unexpectedly - especially if you haven't budgeted for them. Whilst this is often unavoidable when working in construction, there are systems you can implement to gain better control over your business' costs. A great place to start is Hilti Fleet Management.

Here's 5 reasons why Fleet Management could solve your cash flow problems and help your business manage its costs more effectively.

1. Pay the same amount every month

Did you know you can lease Hilti tools for a fixed monthly fee, rather than buying them outright? Renting tools on a subscription basis is a great way of managing your costs, as you'll be paying the same amount every month for the tools you need for your project. As these regular payments will be budgeted for, there won't be any surprises or hefty invoices coming from finance throughout the month.

2. Free tool servicing & repairs

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What's better than predictable monthly costs? No costs! That's right, if you're a Hilti Fleet Management customer, tool repairs and servicing are included in the cost - so there's nothing extra to pay. If you own a lot of tools, just imagine how much money that will save you over a year. Switching to Fleet just makes sense.  

3. Free replacement tools

In a similar vein, you won't have to worry about spending a big lump sum to replace any stolen tools, as this is also covered by your Fleet Management subscription. Once the police report has been submitted, we will send you any replacement tools free of charge. Just think how much healthier your accounts will look without those unexpected costs...

The same also goes for loan tools when yours are being repaired or serviced. We'll send them to you and it's absolutely free.

4. Only pay for what you need

Another way Fleet Management can help you control your business' costs is by allowing you to only lease the tools you actually need, rather than buying tools outright that you may not need again.

For example, say you buy a circular saw for a particular project, but after the project you no longer need it. By buying it outright, you have made a dent in your finances that could impact your cash flow. But with Fleet Management, you pay for the tool as long as you need it, then can hand it back when you don't - which means no more paying for what you don't use.

5. Upgrade without wasting money

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If you're anything like us, you'll know how important it is for business success to move with the times and adopt new technologies - especially when they can substantially improve productivity and health and safety. But when you own tools outright, it can pose a dilemma... do you upgrade when you already own the previous version? Won't the old version just sit there gathering dust?

With Fleet Management, you can trade in your tools for the latest versions when your contract is up. This means you'll only be paying for one version of that tool, rather than buying the tool twice and letting the old one go to waste. Upgrade without the guilt thanks to Hilti Fleet Management.

If you think Fleet Management could help your business control its costs, click below to find out more or contact our customer services team!