How Hilti’s firestop systems are used around the world

At Hilti we support some of the most awe-inspiring feats of engineering around the world. That includes using our passive fire protection systems and our Hilti firestop products that are designed to stop the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases in a fire. This helps to save lives and prevent damage to the building.

Read on to discover how our firestop systems have made a difference.


Harbour Central, London UK

Harbour Central is a development in London’s docklands comprising of 642 private apartments divided across seven residential blocks. A leisure complex will include a ‘Resident’s Club’ with a library, concierge, gym, spa, business suites and cinema. The development also includes 238 social rented / shared ownership homes.

Using the traditional methods to firestop pipe penetrations through concrete slab – whether by using wooden boxes or shuttering before breaking or diamond coring the concrete slabs after the concrete is poured – are time and labour intensive.

The other concerns for traditional methods of fire stopping HDPE soil and waste stacks are:

• Materials are bought and stored for creating formwork. i.e. plywood needs to be bought, stored, cut, fixed and maintained until the mechanical sub-contractor can install the pipework. This is an additional on-site cost

• Openings must be covered during the construction process prior to installing the pipework to avoid health and safety issues with falling objects or trip hazards

• Working at height may be required to create formwork around pipes prior to backfilling.

• When backfilling mortar may need to be mixed on site and this involves a certain amount of manual handling including barrels, buckets etc.


Harbour Central, London UK

Hilti CFS-CID Firestop cast-in device was the selected solution and significantly reduced the cost and installation time to firestop concrete slabs compared to traditional methods. The cast-in devices also have the added health and safety benefit of no openings left in the slab during the construction process.

The other benefits of the cast-in device were:

• Saves time detailing individual openings and firestopping details

• Can be inputted directly into the 3D model which is accurate enough to produce ‘Construction’ drawings

• Product has all of the necessary certification including BS EN 13501 and BS EN 1366

• No need for backfilling as all results achieved without any type of backfill


This case study is based on the article published by the RIBA Journal in Vol 124 Issue 01, P 29 in January 2017. Complete article can be viewed here.


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Hilti’s wide range of firestop solutions for complex jobsite challenges

New firestopping was needed during the construction of a new engineering plant and extension at Catania General Hospital, in Italy.

Hospital installations are often very complicated and Catania was no different. Complex bundles of steel service pipes were running throughout the new build and these needed to be firestopped.

At Hilti we offer a wide range of firestop products to find solutions for many shapes and sizes of openings and joints. This made our Hilti products a great solution for Catania’s hospital build. The engineering company, Angelo Russello SpA, chose a variety of Hilti products for the project. For example, for larger openings and electric cable channels they used the Hilti CFS-CT B boards and for smaller openings, small discharge pipes and electric cable channels, the Hilti CFS-F FX  Flexible firestop foam. Our Hilti CFS-B Firestop bandages and Hilti CFS-S ACR acrylic sealant were also used. Another job well done using a range of products from our portfolio. 


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Upgrading fire protection for Hong Kong police

Hong Kong’s Architectural Services Department wanted their contractors to use code compliant firestop products on their jobsites. This included updating fire protection systems in apartments allocated to married police personnel. Our Hilti products were chosen for the job and were used to upgrade many openings in the apartments. The contractors used:

  • For trunkings penetrating through walls – Hilti CFS-BL Firestop blocks
  • For insulated pipes – Hilti CF-W SG Firestop wraps
  • For cables – Hilti CFS FIL Firestop mastic



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