How to reduce injuries from overhead working in construction

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Musculoskeletal injuries caused by overhead working are a common concern for those working in the construction industry.

Such injuries affect the health and wellbeing of workers, with the latest HSE statistics reporting around 46,000 work-related cases of musculoskeletal disorders in construction, with 44% of people suffering these injuries in the upper limbs or neck.

For businesses, it’s vital to put the health of workers first. As well as the effects to workers wellbeing, musculoskeletal injuries have a knock-on effect to operations with reduced productivity and higher costs.

Here at Hilti, we’re proud to be the first construction tool manufacturer to provide an exoskeleton for construction, the brand-new EXO-O1. Working in partnership with medical technology company Ottobock we have developed an exoskeleton for construction workers, supporting health and safety as well as addressing labour shortage challenges.

In our brand-new Business MRI Report: Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Construction Industry, we look at the wide-ranging impacts Musculoskeletal injury is having on the construction industry and how the EXO-O1 is set to make a difference for workers and businesses alike. 


What's inside?

  • The latest statistics on musculoskeletal injury in construction
  • Actionable insights and takeaways on how to manage musculoskeletal injuries in your business
  • In-depth information on the new EXO-O1 and how this exciting new product can support your workers and business

Find out more about how Musculoskeletal injuries can affect your business and what you can do to support workers with the EXO-O1. 

See the Hilti EXO-O1 in action

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