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5 min. read, April 2024

Building Ireland's Future

A journey through the history of Hilti Ireland by Doreen from Hilti Brand Team

In the realm of construction and engineering, few names resonate as strongly as Hilti. From our humble beginnings to the global presence, we are today, Hilti has been a beacon of innovation, quality, and reliability. The Hilti Ireland story is one of perseverance, growth, and a commitment to excellence that has helped shape the landscape of construction in Ireland – which many of our customers have been a crucial part of.

The Early Years

Hilti's journey in Ireland began in 1965. With our main headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein, Hilti brought with it a reputation for groundbreaking technologies and unparalleled expertise in the field of construction tools and services. While initially serving a niche market, Hilti quickly gained traction among Irish builders, contractors, and engineers who recognized the value of our products and solutions.

Expansion and Innovation

As Ireland's construction industry evolved and expanded, so did Hilti's presence in the country. The company established a network of distribution centres, service facilities, and training centres across Ireland, ensuring that customers had access to Hilti's full range of products and, just as important, support services. Moreover, Hilti continued to innovate, introducing new technologies and solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Irish market.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Central to success in Ireland has been our strong partnerships and collaborations with local businesses, contractors, and construction firms. By working closely with stakeholders in the industry, Hilti has gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities in the Irish market. This collaborative approach not only strengthened our foothold in Ireland but also fostered a culture of trust and mutual respect within the construction community on the island.

A Commitment to Excellence

Throughout our journey in Ireland, we have remained steadfast in a commitment to excellence. Whether through the quality of products, the expertise of staff, or the reliability of our services, Hilti has consistently set the benchmark for performance and innovation in the construction industry. This dedication to excellence has earned Hilti the trust and loyalty of countless customers in Ireland, which has also grown to other regions.

Looking Ahead

As Ireland continues to undergo rapid urbanization and infrastructure development, the role of companies like Hilti becomes increasingly vital. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, Hilti is well-positioned to play a key role in shaping the future of construction in Ireland. Whether it's through pioneering new technologies, forging strategic partnerships, or supporting the next generation of builders and engineers, Hilti remains committed to building a brighter future for Ireland.

We're with you every step of the way

In tracing the history of Hilti Ireland, you can see not just a chronicle of corporate milestones, but a story of resilience, ingenuity, and a shared vision for progress. From our humble beginnings to its current stature as a global leader in construction, Hilti's journey in Ireland serves as a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to excellence. As Ireland continues to build towards a brighter future, Hilti stands ready to be a trusted partner for you, every step of the way.