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10 min. read, May 2024

Why Communication In Construction Means Profit

Our research shows that a typical worker on site uses just 30% of their day for work time. The other 70% is used for a combination of preparing, transitioning, or waiting for materials, equipment and information.

Fieldwire by Hilti is an easy and powerful digital communication method that makes you more efficient on site and save money which benefits all teams. To put it another way, Fieldwire lets your team get on with real work, not paperwork, and it is trusted by companies of all sizes on more than 1,000,000 job sites across the world.

It also makes it possible to save as much as one hour per person, each day, and hugely increase the amount of work time available – but how does it work?





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Communication management in construction projects is vital

Fieldwire construction management software lets your whole team collaborate and share information in real time to assign tasks, create schedules of work, direct the right team member to the right place and capture as-built project information to produce an indisputable record of who did what.

Having everyone on one platform, that can be accessed from any device, ensures that nothing is left to chance and gives you clear visibility of the job site at all times. The potential for disputes and delays is minimised as decision making is accelerated and everyone is always working from the up-to-date project plan, cutting down the potential for rework.

For example, you can optimise your daily walkthroughs by reporting issues in real time to those who are responsible for solving them with formal PDF reports, so everyone knows what their priorities are for the coming days, weeks and months. 

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Driving accountability to produce high quality work

Progress is monitored with notes, photos and videos to build accountability into your work process which improves the quality of the work carried out. As-built project information can be captured through the app as people close out and evidence their work to create a single source of truth which everyone can refer back to.

People can send and receive messages on the platform to ask questions and clarify any issues as they occur, as well as submit forms, timesheets, inspection requests and RFIs digitally. Workers are also empowered by the ability to create custom checklists or templates to ensure that they stay consistent and deliver to a high level of quality.

This simplified communication for crews and subcontractors, enabled by Fieldwire, also reduces risk on site. When everyone knows what they have to do, where they have to do it and how they need to document their work, there is less potential for confusion or ambiguity – leading to an improved safety record.


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Although construction accounts for as much as 14% of global GDP, the sector is still in its digital infancy. There are still areas of major inefficiency around effective collaboration.

Improved communication and coordination can cut down the time spent on all those tasks and create more space in the day for work time. Hilti’s Fieldwire app and software is a tried and tested way to improve communication in construction and help contractors limit the time wasted doing non-work tasks on site.

Similarly, if anyone is ever unsure what they are looking at, Fieldwire allows users to access critical BIM metadata on any element of the job site at any time. This removes uncertainty and helps people get on with the job safely – further underlining the critical importance of good communication in construction.

Deployable in minutes, this software is the easiest way to upgrade your job site communications and make big productivity gains straight away. Fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you right away.