Engineering Internships at Hilti

A great place to work that offers excellent opportunities for graduates

Hilti Ireland Internship
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My name is Pat Comer and I am a Mechanical Engineering student, at Trinity College Dublin. 

In my fourth year of college I took part in an engineering internship with Hilti Ireland, and worked as an On-site Test Engineer for seven months. 

During my time as an Engineer at Hilti, I managed all on-site pull tests for a variety of companies across Ireland and Northern Ireland.  This included all elements including scheduling, reporting and charging/billing for the services we completed.  

My favourite part of the role was being a part of the Hilti team.  Everyone is always taking the extra step to help each other out and putting in the most they can to guide new employees. 

I also enjoyed visiting so many prominent construction sites and doing my part building Ireland's future.  

Hilti is a great company to get involved in. It’s a great place to work and full of excellent opportunities for graduates. If you are looking for an internship as a part of your engineering studies, I would strongly recommend to consider applying at Hilti. I hope you will have as much fun as I did!


I plan on carrying the skills I gained from Hilti through the rest of my career, especially teamwork skills. I enjoyed working in a diverse team and being able to learn from others in who had a wealth of knowledge in their field.

I've learned that the construction industry is one I can thrive in and I'm looking forward to developing my career and seeing how the skills I learned from my internship at Hilti, can help me achieve that.