The evolution of batteries

supporting the cordless revolution

evolution of batteries

The cordless revolution is changing the way we work on projects across the country and the good news is, whatever trade you specialise in, Hilti has the cordless platform to help you get the job done.

Not long ago, it was unthinkable for high-powered tools to be cordless, but cutting the cord is now easy. The next exploration for optimising your tool park is how a cordless battery pack could make a significant difference to you or your business. But how do you choose the right battery platform? And what current watch-outs exist for some batteries?

First, let’s start with a brief history of the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology…

Why Li-Ion batteries?

Batteries are so ubiquitous today that they're almost invisible to us. Yet they are a remarkable invention with a long and storied history, and an equally exciting future. Basically, batteries are small chemical reactors, with the reaction producing energetic electrons, ready to flow through the external device.

However, new technologies often demand more compact, higher capacity, safe, rechargeable batteries and that’s where the Lithium battery came in. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, provide efficient power for consumer electronics and become more and more powerful as the technology develops – perfect for tools. On the other side, let’s not forget that more power density means more application opportunities, but also higher risks in case of misuse or lack of care. These risks aren’t related to a specific brand, they can concern the whole power tool industry. For example, if temperature and pressure in one or more Li-ion cells go out of control and surges beyond the levels that the cell package can withstand, the pack can leak hazardous chemicals and release toxic smoke. So, it’s good to be aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to batteries.

The history of batteries

Baghdad battery

250 BC

Baghdad battery

Linked capacitors


Linked capacitors

Voltiac pile


Voltiac pile

Li-ion battery

Current day

Li-ion battery

How to choose the right battery pack for your tools?

Firstly, investing in the right battery platform will save you money - one battery for many tools. However, choosing the platform can be the hardest bit and one aspect to focus on is voltage. You can start by de-mystifying voltage and amp hours and use the universal method to independently compare battery performance. Or another aspect is the applications, it depends on your needs.

This should then give you the information you need to select the right cordless systems for you; whether its weight that’s important to you, or reach. The good news is, Hilti has a range of tools and batteries to match your applications with innovative technology behind our cordless tools giving you the best performance and reliability. 

What makes Hilti’s batteries different?

Let’s cut to the chase. Our batteries are sealed against moisture and dust, and glass-fibre housing means these powerful batteries are up to four times more impact-resistant than standard plastic casings. It’s fair to say that we’ve come a long way from Nickel based batteries to lighter and cleaner Lithium technology. This shift helped to reduce the weight of the batteries and the overall weight of cordless tools, but also allows us to store more energy in each cell.

Because the Li-ion cells Hilti uses are electronically controlled, we have improved the energy management inside the tool, preventing overload or deep discharge and giving you the ability to verify the level of charge with the handy LED-light indicators.

What about the 22 V battery packs? Well, the 22 V battery works with all new and previous generations of Hilti cordless tools, providing for a seamless transition for existing Hilti cordless tool customers. We want to make your life easier, not harder and this lighter compact battery that doesn’t compromise on power, does just that– why not check out our new B22 4.0, powerful, lightweight and compact enough to get into the tightest spaces. We also offer free repairs up to a 2-year repair warranty period commonly known as ‘no cost period’ where they’ll collect, repair and return the tools usually within 3 days. Batteries can be seen as a great expense, but this warranty ensures your battery pack is top notch at all times!

Not only this, but our new Hilti case is UN-approved, allowing all Hilti LI-ION Batteries in the case for transportation! This means packaging of batteries in cardboard boxes is no longer mandatory and a huge benefit all round for shipping cordless tools and batteries. 

Still unsure on what you need for your cordless kit? Well, our Make It Fit Configurator helps you choose and compare tools, batteries and inserts from our complete cordless range providing a tailormade tool park for your specific needs. We know your time is precious, so this option ensures you can assemble the kit you need in no time and order it directly online, literally making it fit.