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5 min. read, Dec. 2023

Answering the top 8 FAQs we get on social media

By Harry and Mark from Hilti Digital Team

Our social media platforms have always been a great way for us to engage with our customers, and we love receiving your questions and helping in any way we can. That being said, we've definitely noticed a pattern with our most frequently asked questions - so here they are... our top 8 FAQs answered in one place!

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Does Hilti have a Multi Tool?

Yes we do. Our multi tool was one of the most anticipated products for a long time – you can buy it here.

Why are you so expensive?

At Hilti, we believe you get what you pay for - which is why you will pay more for high quality tools. Not only are you paying for the latest tech innovations, you also receive pre and post-purchase support from your local Hilti Account Manager and our customer services team. When this is taken into account, we believe our tools and services are value for money for the support and care you receive.

How much is Fleet Management?

Hilti Fleet Management will cost a different amount depending on how many and what type of tools you decide to lease from us. To discuss a tailored package for your business, get in touch with your local Hilti Account Manager or contact our customer services team.

How long do repairs take?

Whilst turnaround time depends on the tool and what needs fixing, our Hilti tool repair service is extremely efficient. Because we own and control the complete repair process, not only is our repair service comprehensive, but we'll return your tool to you as quickly as possible.

Who is the Hilti sales person in my local area?

Once you register your business online by signing up for a Hilti account, you will automatically be assigned a Hilti Account Manager (however this depends on the size of your business). If you would like to find out who your local Account Manager is, you can do this by contacting our customer services team.

Do I need to have a registered business to buy from Hilti?

Yes - as we only sell to other businesses, you have to be a part of a registered business to buy from us - even if you're a sole tradesperson. You can register your business online by signing up for a Hilti account, or you can register with our customer services team or at a Hilti store.

How can I purchase something from Hilti?

There are several ways you can purchase something from Hilti, including visiting your nearest Hilti store or buying online from our website. You can also get in touch with your local Hilti Account Manager or call our customer services team - who can make your purchases for you.

Where's my local Hilti Store?

You can find your nearest Hilti store by using our store locator here.