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Designed to handle tasks on copper and aluminium materials


NUN 54-22 cordless 6-ton cable crimper and cutter

  • One hydraulic tool compatible with three interchangeable jaws
  • Scissor-style jaws enable one-handed cutting and crimping
  • Crimping NFC 20-130 copper compression cable lugs from 10-300 mm²
  • Cutting capacity of up to 33 mm (outer diameter) for copper and aluminium cables
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NCR 120-22 12-ton crimper

  • Verified crimp quality – extensive 3rd party tests following IEC, DIN, NF and UL standards
  • Verified crimp quality
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Extra-large crimping capacity, auto-retract function and manual retract stop
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Why buy Nuron

  • Power around 80 tools with a single battery
  • More work-per-charge
  • Built-in battery diagnostics
  • New and improved safety features
  • Last charged location*

Hydraulic cable crimper tools for a modern jobsite

If you’re using a hydraulic crimper on site, you need to have total confidence in that product to ensure you deliver a fully robust standard of work that is compliant and strong for its purpose. With extensive third-party testing across a range of different standards, our tools offer verified crimping quality that means you, and your customers, can have full trust in our products.

While the verified quality is just one advantage, additional safety features on selected products such as electronic trigger lock, audio and visual prompts, offer an elevated level of protection to you and your crews when crimping.

If that wasn’t enough, added benefits such as 350° head rotation across all our hydraulic crimpers offer better useability in tight conditions. Cycle time starts from approximately 4 seconds on our 6-ton crimper, with our 12-ton crimpers  offering an approximate 9-second cycle time.

Why Nuron for hydraulic crimper products?

With Nuron, you can perform corded and petrol-powered applications on a single cordless platform. From breaking and cutting to drilling and fastening, Hilti tools, including our cordless hydraulic crimper products, are designed for maximum performance and improved user comfort. Tools on the Nuron battery platform offer crimpers without compromise thanks to longer-lasting batteries, time-saving accessories like interchangeable jaws, and a range of services to keep you productive, today and tomorrow.

And as a Hilti customer, you can also take advantage of yearly certification and free tool inspection services to keep your products working effectively – which also adds further confidence to your customers and your reputation. This helps to minimise downtime and ensures productivity across all your projects.

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