Diamond blades and Grinding Wheels

Compatible with tools from major manufacturers. For use with cut-off saws and angle grinders

Diamond blades

For a variety of tasks on site across a range of tools.

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Diamond cup wheels

Offers effective grinding whilst keeping discs grinding wheels cool.

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Finishing pads

Scratch-free grinding and finishing for various surfaces.

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Inserts and blades that can make a difference

Whatever trade or application you’re working in, we have a diamond blade or grinding wheel/ grinding disc that’s suitable for your job. In addition, many of our blades also come in different sizes which you can select on each individual product page – along with disc speed, thickness and other options where relevant. 

Diamond blades that help tools perform effectively

Our diamond blades cover various tasks including the removal of mortar, making slits and cuts across a range of materials. These include brick, concrete, tile, marble, granite and more. You can also filter from a variety of blades based on your tool type, including angle grinder, battery cut-off saw, petrol saw and more. Many of our diamond blades also feature Equidist technology which delivers superior slitting speed and performance. 

Diamond grinding wheels for removal and finishing

These grinding discswheels, sometimes known as grinding wheels or grinding cup wheels, offer effective grinding across a variety of materials. This includes natural stone, paint, screed, epoxy, concrete and a host of other surfaces. With high diamond concentration and innovative segment design, these wheels can an enhance your productivity on the job through constant performance. Selected cup discs wheels in our range also offer lower vibration values to enhance safety and usability for operators on site. In addition, their design provides effective dust extraction and the highest safety credentials on segment welding and cooling, while also keeping discs cooler through cooling pins to avoid tool damage. 

Finishing pads for finishing

Delivering versatility through use with a range of materials, our finishing pads provide scratch-free grinding, removal of paint, epoxy, screed or stone. You can also choose from different finishing types on the relevant product page. 

Are Hilti table saw blades, diamond blades and grinding wheels compatible with other brands?

Yes they are.

If you have a spindle, arbor or lock on your tool that supports the opening on our blades, it means they can be used with products from other brands. As most tools have universal fitting components for table saw blades, grinding wheels and diamond blades, these should be suitable with our products. But for the best experience and to get more out of your blades, we highly recommend use with Hilti products where possible.

If you want to see any of our inserts in action, you can get in touch via the Contact Us page and request a demo.