Shop Sanding Discs, Sanding Belts, & Cutting Discs

Includes other abrasives such as sanding sheets, belts, backing pads, grinding discs, non-woven discs and more.

Sleeves & belts

For grinding, polishing and sanding on metal surfaces

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Abrasive cutting discs

Designed for cutting stainless steel or metal rail 

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Abrasive grinding discs

Angle-grinder abrasives for light grinding 

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Flap discs

Ultimate and premium-class products for use on metal

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Fibre discs

For rough to fine grinding, available in various grain density

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Backing pads

Backing pads for non-woven discs without fibre backing

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Non-woven discs

Use on metals for light grinding and finishing

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Sanding discs & sheets

Ideal on various surfaces for removal and preparation

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General Information

You can shop from a range of products above, which also include backing pads, non-woven discs and fibre discs. Specifically, if you’re in the metal work or fabrication trade, you’ll know that the quality of your sanding discs, blades and finishing equipment can make a huge difference in the standard of finish AND the time it takes to complete the job. Some of the biggest time on a job isn’t necessarily the finishing or main part of the task, it is usually the preparation. So if you’re prepping your surfaces, tools or getting ready to take on any part of a project, our abrasive products help you complete the prep work and more – so you can get the rest of the job done right. 

Sanding discs and sanding sheets

Across a range of finishing and preparation tasks, including cutting, grinding, polishing or sanding, our sanding discs and sanding sheets are the perfect fit for your job. With a product range that covers a variety of base materials including wood, drywall, paint and plastic, you can trust that our sanding accessories are engineered to last longer. Compatible with regular and orbital sander tools from Hilti and other brands. 

Sanding belts for fine finishing and more

The versatility of our sanding belts includes grinding, polishing and sanding on selected metallic materials. And depending on your needs, if that’s more heavy-duty removal or fine finishing on a surface, we’ll have a belt or sleeve that covers most of the tasks you complete. You can also choose from the relevant grain density you need on each individual product page that matches the application of your choice. 

Flap discs

Flap discs are predominantly used by professionals in metal work. In addition to metal finishing, they are also used to remove paint, blemishes and rust from metallic services. If you’re looking for a specific disc size or grain density, you can select this on the relevant product page. 

Metal cutting discs that cut

If you’re cutting steel, stainless steel or rail, we have a selection of metal cutting discs that can handle cutting across these metals. So if your applications include work with pipes, sheet metal, strut channels and angle profiles, in addition to rebar and strut channels, we’ve got you covered for the job in hand. As expected, you can also choose from a range of disc diameters and blade thicknesses on each cutting disc product page. 

Are Hilti sanding products compatible with other brands?

Yes they are.

If you have a relevant clamp, spindle or lock on your tool that supports our abrasives, it means they can be used with products from other brands. As most tools have universal fitting components for inserts and accessories, they should be suitable with our products. But for the best experience and to get more out of your abrasive products, we highly recommend use with our own products where possible.

If you want to see any of our abrasive products in action, you can get in touch via the Contact Us page and request a demo.