Wedge Anchors

Shop premium and ultimate expansion bolts for concrete and various materials

HST3 Wedge Anchor

  • Fastening baseplates, handrails and more to concrete
  • Suitable for use in dry, indoor environments
  • Faster and easier to install correctly –requires no hole cleaning
  • All safety-relevant fastenings in seismic loading conditions

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel A4 Stainless Steel

HSL4 Heavy-duty Wedge Anchor

  • Heavy-duty fastenings in highly safety-relevant or dynamic applications, including applications in nuclear power plants
  • Applications where extensive approval back-up or technical back-up is required
  • High tensile and shear load capacity
  • ETA Option 1 for cracked and uncracked concrete

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel (Head: Hex) Carbon Steel (Head: Torque limitation Nut) Carbon Steel (Head: External Thread) Carbon Steel (Head: Countersunk)

HSA Wedge Anchor

  • Fastenings in uncracked concrete
  • Excellent edge and spacing distances
  • 3 embedment depths offering maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for high loads

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel Carbon Steel (HDG) A4 Stainless Steel

Performance Levels

Ultimate HST3 wedge anchor

Ultimate wedge anchor

  • Ultimate performance wedge anchors offering highest performance in safety critical applications
  • Broader set of approvals such as ETA for un-cracked and cracked concrete, fire, shock and seismic
  • Suitable for applications such as structural baseplates, secondary steel (e.g. balconies, canopies, staircases), curtain wall and demanding MEP
Premium HSA wedge anchor

Premium wedge anchor

  • Premium performance wedge anchors offering high performance for non-demanding conditions
  • ETA approved for un-cracked concrete
  • Suitable for large range of applications in un-cracked concrete

Choose the right wedge anchor

Our wedge anchors, also known as expansion anchor or expansion bolts, are used across a range of materials for different jobs. These include fastening baseplates, handrails, façade systems, machinery, racking to concrete and more. With a high corrosion resistance anchor also available, our bolts are made from cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. These are approved for use with cracked and uncracked concrete, and seismic – and include stud anchor and sleeved anchor bolts.

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We offer different types of expansion anchor. Our Ultimate performance anchors offer the highest performance in safety critical applications, while our Premium anchors offer high performance for non-demanding conditions. You can also use these wedge anchors with our adaptive torque module tools for better productivity and safety. Selected Premium and Ultimate fixings also include approvals and test reports for fire, seismic, BZS/shock, and ETA for ultimate peace of mind.