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Saves time for use in concrete and steel

X-BT-GR Stainless steel threaded studs

  • Fastening grating to steel
  • Portable, cordless system
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Extremely strong hold
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S-BT-EF HL threaded studs

  • Quick and easy solution
  • Ultimate-performance
  • Conical tip and high hardness
  • Threaded connections
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Electrical connector S-BT-EF HC HL

  • Threaded screw-in stud
  • Ideal for equipotential bonding
  • Enhanced protection against static electricity
  • Suitable for use in mildly corrosive environments
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You can trust our studs and standoffs

If you’re working in a trade or business that relies on the integrity of fastening products, you’ll know how vital they are across any job or project. As an engineer, construction expert or other specialist that works with these products, you know that the right threaded stud or standoff should offer fastening performance that works, while offering total peace of mind. 

As they are often used during crucial stages and at key junctions in a project, having the right fastener can save time across a range of applications that include channel installation, electrical, façade and anything else that can rely on multi-purpose fastening criteria. 

Our threaded studs, sometimes referred to as bolts, are available in different types including electrical connections, gratings, stud extensions and multi-purpose use products. So if it is for use in machinery, buildings or other equipment, we’ve definitely got you covered. 

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Choose the right threaded stud

If you need a threaded stud that offers both reliability and approvals as part of a project, we offer a number of products that can match your preferred criteria. While they form part of our premium and ultimate class products, we also have specific bolts that are suited to a range of environments. These include coastal regions, spaces in close contact with roads, areas that are exposed to high levels of pollution and more.

We have studs that are suited to various base materials that include stainless steel, other metals, masonry and concrete. In addition, our studs can be used with a range of products, including fasteners from our range of fastening tools such as drill drivers, powder-actuated tools, battery-actuated tools, the BX range and others. 

However, if you’re looking for more options, you can check out our extensive range  of studs and filter according to your requirements on our dedicated range page.