Cordless Concrete Breaker Tools

Designed for breaking, chipping and demolition


Nuron TE 500-22 cordless chipping hammer

  • 3300 impacts/minute
  • Virtually dust free demolition
  • Active Vibration Reduction
  • Tool body weight 6kg
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Nuron TE 2000-22 cordless jackhammer

  • Unbeatable maneuverability
  • Unprecedented work-per-charge
  • Low tool vibration
  • Tool body weight 17.4kg
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Why buy Nuron

  • Power around 80 tools with a single battery
  • More work-per-charge
  • Built-in battery diagnostics
  • New and improved safety features
  • Last charged location*

Battery powered cordless breakers for any task

Our cordless concrete breaker products in this category cover a range of materials and applications. This includes chipping, chiselling and controlled demolition where required. Our cordless jackhammer can break concrete slabs up to 20cm thick, while our chipping hammer will help with tile removal or chipping in concrete or masonry. These concrete breakers can be used for just more than concrete applications and also offer virtually dust free demolition when used with a compatible Hilti vacuum cleaner. It’s also worth remembering that tools on the Nuron battery platform offer cordless breakers without compromise thanks to longer-lasting batteries and a range of services to keep you productive, today and tomorrow.

Concrete breaker hire and leasing

With Hilti Fleet Management, you now have the option of being able to lease a concrete breaker for a monthly cost. It’s just like concrete breaker hire, similar to leasing your van, with added benefits including repairs and replacements for your business. You can learn more on our Fleet Management page or get in touch to learn more about concrete breaker leasing options.

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