Hilti DX 9 powder-actuated stand-up for metal deck fastening


Increase your productivity with the new fully automatic DX 9-ENP powder-actuated nailer and the new SDT 9 stand-up handle for frame, side lap and edge fastening

In today’s steel construction industry, using corded hand-held tools remains the most common method used for fastening sheets of metal decking panels. Not only it a lengthy process, but from a Health & Safety perspective, it involves work at height and with trailing cables, it presents a serious trip hazard. Not to mention the installers’ posture is compromised every time they bend over to set and fasten the screws. 

At Hilti, we have found a way to make metal deck fastening smarter, safer, faster and more comfortable to work with, allowing you and your operatives to be more productive onsite.

We offer stand-up installation tools and a wide range of collated screws and nails to fasten decking to steel, concrete, metal, bar joists and wood. They cover all typical substructures, trapeze sheet thicknesses and steel strengths.

DX 9 and SDT 9

Our deck fastening solutions


The new DX 9-ENP is a robust, reliable, smart and comfortable stand-up decking tool. It features advanced engineering, a digital service indicator with Bluetooth connectivity and an ergonomically designed handle.

The digital service indicator on the DX 9 gives real-time feedback on:

  • When to clean and service the tool, maximising productivity on the job by minimising unplanned downtime
  • Tool’s operating temperature range as to avoid overheating

Once synced with the Hilti Connect app, you will be able to find how-to videos, tool usage data and request Hilti Tool Service.

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SDT 9 Stand-up handle

Used to install both side lap and frame fastening, the new SDT 9 is used with the Hilti ST 1800-A22 Cordless screwdriver and S-MD/S-MS collated screws. 

This stand-up handle is designed to be:

  • Ergonomic – no need for bending down
  • Mobile – When used with the ST 1800-A22 Cordless screwdriver, there’s no need to carry a power supply onto the deck
  • Productive – it works with collated screw strips, designed to work continually with less stopping and starting, helping to save time on the jobsite

Its' new design also comes with an interchangeable nose fitting optimised for both small and big head screws.

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Get the most out of your tools with our market leading services

Hilti Fleet Management

Hilti Fleet Management

We manage your tools, so you can manage your business. 

Hilti Fleet Management is an all-inclusive service where your tool costs are covered by a fixed monthly fee. This means no money up front* and predictable costs in the future. Those responsible for tools and equipment will have one less thing to worry about.

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Hilti Tool Service

Hilti Tool service

5-day repair of your Hilti tools or no charge.

When you buy a Hilti tool, you get more than just a tool. You also get the super fast Hilti tool repair service.

We’ll even pick it up at your jobsite and return it to you onsite as well. Just contact us by phone or online and we’ll do the rest. 

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Hilti ON!Track

Hilti ON!Track

Asset Management for the Construction Industry.

At the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse, ON!Track tells you exactly what equipment you have, where it is and who is using it. When items need maintenance or calibration it alerts you. Our Bluetooth enabled smart tags offer a fast inventory check and tells you which equipment is nearby.

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*Subject to credit checks

DX 9-ENP Nails and Cartridges


DX 9-ENP Nails

X-ENP MXR collated nails for fastening metal decks to steel structures with stand-up powder-actuated nailers

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DX Cartridge 6.8/18 M40

DX Cartridge 6.8/18 M40

Collated .27 calibre long Clean-Tec cartridges for use with stand-up powder-actuated nailers for fastening metal decks.

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SDT 9 Screws

S-MD 03Z

S-MD 03Z 4.8X19 M9

Collated self-drilling screws without washer for medium-thick metal-to-metal fastenings (up to 5 mm).

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S-MS 01Z

S-MS 01Z 4.8x20 M9

Collated self-drilling screws without washer for quickly connecting overlapping thin metal sheets (up to 2 x 1.25 mm).

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S-MD 23Z

S-MD 23Z 5.5x22 M9

Collated self-drilling screws with pressed-on flange for medium-thick metal-to-metal fastenings (up to 6 mm).

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S-MDU 21Z 6.3x22 M9

Collated self-drilling screws with pressed-on flange for medium-thick metal-to-metal fastenings (up to 3 mm).

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