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Cordless Tools

See how to increase jobsite productivity by using cordless tools and the latest Nuron battery technology (where available): shop Hilti cordless power tools here


Get ready for Nuron

Coming soon: your all-new 22V cordless platform

Imagine performing your corded and gas-powered applications on a single cordless platform. Soon you can do just that with Nuron, the newest addition to our 12V, 22V and 36V cordless tool portfolios, launching later this year.

From breaking and cutting to drilling and fastening, Hilti's next generation of 22V cordless tools will bring you more performance, safety and user comfort than ever before.

Learn more about Nuron availability

When will Nuron be available in my area?

Stay in touch with your account manager, subcribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest on when Nuron will be available in Ireland.

Why is Nuron not available for purchase yet?

Like everyone, our manufacturing is affected by supply chain challenges. Because we want to ensure everyone gets the best possible Hilti products, we're staggering our Nuron launch country by country with the intention to keep delivery lead times as short as possible. 

Do I have to upgrade to Nuron?

You can continue using the Hilti cordless tools you have, and we'll continue to support them. However, you can benefit from higher performance and more advanced data-driven services once Nuron becomes available in your area.

I can't wait for Nuron. What are my options?

Explore our existing 12V, 22V and 36V platforms – they are excellent choices and will be supported for many years to come. Of course, we also continue supporting your existing tools with our world class tool services. 

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