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Drill drivers and screwdrivers

Explore our range of drill drivers and screwdrivers optimized for higher performance and handling comfort in light- to heavy-duty drilling in wood, metal, masonry and more

Explore our range of drill drivers and screwdrivers optimized for higher performance and handling comfort in light- to heavy-duty drilling in wood, metal, masonry and more
Nuron SF 4-22 Cordless drill driver Compact-class cordless drill driver with Active Torque Control for everyday drilling and driving, especially in hard-to-reach places (Nuron battery platform)
Nuron SF 6-22 Cordless drill driver Power-class drill driver with Active Torque Control and advanced ergonomics for universal drilling and driving on wood and metal (Nuron battery platform)
SFE 2-A12 Multi-head drill driver Subcompact-class 12V multi-head cordless drill driver (offset, right-angle, 13 mm keyless and hex bit holder) for installation work in tight spaces and around corners
SF 8M-A22 Cordless drill driver Ultimate class 22V cordless drill driver with four-speed gearing and secure chuck for reduced drill bit slippage and high performance in metal drilling applications
SFD 2-A12 Cordless screwdriver Subcompact-class 12V brushless 1/4" hex drill driver for when you need compactness and efficient screw driving while protecting your materials
Worker using SF 6H-22 3rd generation Nuron cordless hammer drill driver with B22-85 battery and spade bit in wood

Cordless Drills and Hammer Drill Drivers

All-day performance for a broad range of jobs

Whether you're fastening finicky screws overhead or hammer-drilling through masonry, our cordless drill drivers offer the ideal balance of power, weight and size for more performance with less fatigue.

And with our next-generation Nuron tools, you get increased speed, longer run times and improved comfort, as well as built-in battery diagnostic alerts and data-driven services that simplify your tool park management.

Hardworking Cordless Drill Drivers and Hammer Drills

A tool for every task

Compact drivers for tight spaces, high-torque drills for wood and metal, hammer drills for reinforced concrete – and everything in between. We've got you covered.

Safer and jobsite-ready

You'll get more productivity from your team – and your tools – when you choose hammer drills and drill drivers that are safer, easier to use and more durable.

Fully compatible platforms

Whether you use our 12V or 22V future-proof Nuron platform, you can optimise your tools with interchangeable batteries and chargers for all your cordless tools.

Worker drilling into metal with SF 4H-22

Maximum Flexibility

Use our drill drivers and hammer drills throughout the jobsite

For comfortable, reliable drilling and driving in tight spaces – think carpentry, plumbing and electrical installations – our compact drill drivers will meet all your everyday needs. And our cordless drills with hammer action have the power and run time to make holes in concrete all day long.

For cutting large holes in wood and metal and driving fat fasteners, our ultimate-class drill drivers boast high-output batteries and Active Torque Control (ATC) to deliver cord-like power. Need that but with a lighter, more efficient battery? Check out our Nuron tools.

Worker using SF 6H-22 3rd generation Nuron cordless hammer drill driver with B22-110 battery and HSS drill bit to drill into metal

Advanced Safety Features

Jobsite-friendly benefits that help you get more done

  • Active Torque Control (ATC) for limiting injuries by helping prevent out-of-control spinning
  • Ergonomic features such as modulated, textured grips and reduced body weight allow for more precise control while reducing user fatigue
  • LEDs for clearer light, less shadow; non-slip side bumpers to help prevent sliding
  • Full-size metal keyless chucks for flexibility; high-efficiency brushless motors and all-metal gears for smoother, longer-lasting operation
Worker drilling brick wall with SF 4H-22

An Everyday Workhorse

SF 4-22: a smaller, lighter drill with Nuron performance

The SF 4-22's 22V battery delivers up to twice the power and up to 60% more run time than other 22V batteries. And the SF 4H-22 adds hammer action for more productive drilling in masonry. Because everyone needs a high-performing compact cordless drill driver.

Nuron batteries feature built-in diagnostics that quickly identify underperforming batteries and connect to the cloud for optimisation insights – all helping you simplify tool management.

Worker drilling into drywall with SF 4H-22

A bit for every application

Your drill driver is only as good as what's in the chuck

Well-designed bits just make life easier. That's why we precision-machine our driver bits to reduce stripping and optimise our spiral drill bits to produce more holes per battery charge.

For more specialised MEP work, you'll find stepper, auger and spade bits designed for higher productivity, and hole saws with tungsten carbide teeth that far outlast traditional bi-metal saws. Hammer time? Better grab a long-lasting masonry bit.