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Features & Applications

  • Top-performance diamond blades engineered for the fastest possible cuts through non- and lightly reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone
  • Upgrade your cutting speed – up to 60% faster than the SPX universal diamond blade, Hilti’s blades for wet cutting help your crews get the job done earlier
  • Improved comfort and safety – the latest diamond segments cut with reduced vibration and need less pressure from the saw operator
  • Built to outlast – Equidist technology equips these blades to last longer while maintaining consistent cutting speeds over their entire lifespan
  • For greener construction – manufactured using lower-CO₂ techniques, these blades can contribute to more sustainable jobsites
  • Cutting, resizing and reshaping all types of building blocks and elements
  • Cutting or enlarging openings in walls and floors
  • Cutting blind openings or channels for in-floor or in-wall installations
  • Pre-cutting work for controlled demolition
  • Cutting joints in solid floors

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