Hilti Insights: The Future of Construction

In this series, we delve into the industry's hottest topics with thought-provoking blogs that are sure to get your brain ticking! What will the future hold for construction?

The Digital Black Hole Impacting the Construction Industry

We explore how a ‘digital black hole’ has formed in the construction industry. 

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Human Augmentation in the Construction Industry

What do we mean by human augmentation, and how can it benefit the construction industry?

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How automation can help tackle construction's biggest challenges

Robots are here to stay, so how can we learn to use them to our advantage?

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How 'Internet of Things' & cordless tools are driving productivity

Choose a battery platform by looking beyond power and performance stats by focusing on its IoT and data capabilities. 

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How technology can help make the construction industry safer

Learn what can be done to make one of the most dangerous industries in the world safer.

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Equipment as a Service: How EaaS is changing the construction industry

Take a look at the benefits of using Equipment as a Service (EaaS) in construction.

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