Building Equality

Role Models Paving the Way for Future Generations

role models

As part of the #BuildingEquality 2018 campaign by CIF, four Hilti employees share their stories as a woman in construction – each focusing on how their career began, what helped them along the way and how we can set a precedence for future generations of women.

This time, Janice Galbraith, Account Manager – Steel & Metal shares her story…

When I was at school I loved subjects such as Technology and Design as you got to create items and learn about the different processes of how products can be produced.

I then decided to take construction on as an A Level and thoroughly enjoyed learning about how buildings were created, being able to draw plans and learning how so many different people with various skills are required to produce a building. This is where I decided I want to be a person who can help create magnificent buildings that will be around for future generations.

Janice Galbraith

Role models have been important especially when I was on placement during University. Seeing first-hand females onsite carrying out their duties efficiently and the various roles they can undertake was a great boost and definitely made me more determined to finish my degree and get a job in construction.

I believe we need to target girls at school age when they are choosing their subjects for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert as they need to be aware that STEM subjects can lead to great careers within the construction industry and inform them that there have been many successful females in the construction industry.

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