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Cordless fastening for a range of jobs

Nuron BX3-L-22 cordless concrete nailer for longer nails

  • Fully electric nailer with 30-nail magazine developed specifically for drywall contractors 
  • Uncompromised cordless performance 
  • Smart features 
  • Engineered for better handling 
  • Nuron battery platform
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Nuron BX-3-ME-22 Cordless Concrete Nailer for mechanical and electrical applications

  • Developed specifically for electrical contractors
  • Uncompromised cordless performance 
  • More consistent fastening quality 
  • Smart features
  • Engineered for better handling
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Why buy Nuron

  • Power around 70 tools with a single battery
  • More work-per-charge
  • Built-in battery diagnostics
  • New and improved safety features
  • Last charged location**

What is a battery nailer?

A battery nailer, or battery-actuated direct fastening tool, offers cordless convenience for projects where fastening is required, but without the hassle of using cannisters with combustible gas or cartridges. They work by using mechanical drive to deploy nails or other fastenings – which is more convenient when working in environments where combustible substances are prohibited.

So if you’re a tradesman doing a drywalling, mechanical, electrical or plumbing jobs, a cordless battery nailer can be the perfect choice for your trade. 

What can a battery nailer be used for?

A battery nailer can be used for a multitude of applications, primarily revolving around fastening cables conduits, nails, threaded studs and drywall track into concrete or steel. In addition, battery nailers are invaluable for everyday fastenings, like fastening wood, metal sheets or wire mesh into concrete.

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