Powder-actuated nailer products

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DX 6 MX Powder-actuated tool with magazine

  • Nail magazine included 
  • One-step energy level setting 
  • Higher productivity
  • Easy to operate
  • Built-in connectivity with the Hilti Connect app 
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DX 76 Power Actuated Tool

  • Outstanding ergonomic design 
  • Built-in safety mechanisms
  • Easy to clean and maintain on jobsites
  • Ruggedly built to withstand extreme use
  • Adjustable power regulator
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DX 9-ENP Powder-actuated decking tool

  • Revolutionary design – upright working position for high speed of use and long-term user comfort
  • Ergonomically designed handle to enhance user comfort
  • Adjustable power regulator – precise control for more reliable fastenings
  • Easy to clean and maintain on jobsites
  • Use-on-demand service tailored to meet your project needs
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What is a powder actuated tool?

A powder actuated tool (PAT), also known as a powder actuated nailer, stands out as an exceptionally versatile direct fastening solution, embraced by tradesmen across all trades. As they are often lightweight, in comparison to other fastening tools, this makes them an ideal choice for various applications, especially in confined or overhead workspaces. These tools transfer the energy from the cartridge to the piston to deploy fasteners (e.g. nails, threaded studs) at speed into materials such as concrete, masonry and metal.

PATs revolutionize the world of direct fastening, making it accessible for most, if not all, trades in the industry.

What are powder actuated nailer tools used for?

Powder actuated tools, owing to their versatility and productivity, present a superior fastening solution compared to traditional methods (e.g. drill-and-plug, manual screwing) when working with various materials. This method is highly trusted to handle substantial loads and ensures robust connections. Our product line includes both semi-automatic and fully automatic PATs, designed to excel in applications involving metal, wood, concrete and other materials. These also include tools equipped with magazines for repetitive fastening at speed, as well as single-nail option for precision.

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